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ISO Takes Control Of OOXML

FireAtWill Re:It doesn't Matter Anymore. XAML replaces it all (260 comments)

I'm not sure if we're talking about the same thing. When I talk about "Ease of deployment" I'm talking about putting an exe on a fileserver and creating a shortcut (actually, that's a bit crude compared to the optimum - with the right infrastructure, the shortcut isn't necessary) You may actually be installing software onto each PC (bad idea). In order to acheive deployment from network drives, with the .net framework 1.1, you must first install the 1.1 framework. Then, because the program you want to deploy is running on the network, you need to deal with the security. On 1.1, you can simply disable it with caspol -s off. That doesn't work in 2.0 It was at that point that I figured that I ought to ask my Microsoftie bretheren, how it ought be done. ASP I was told. I would like for you to tell me what the ultimate deployment strategy is. Then, you can tell me how inferior a web page is in terms of deployment. I challenge you to go to Microsoft's site right now and install Silverlight. You won't have a problem finding it. Install Silverlight for yourself (okay, Windows only) and then ask yourself whether you've ever seen a more painless installation (short of what I've described above).

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