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Faster Encryption Algorithm Found By 16 Year Old Girl

FireReaper Time will tell. (197 comments)

Personally, I can't understand why there is such
a strong sense of distrust and antagonism against
this person who obviously has worked hard to both
learn the material and work on the code. At least
for that, she deserves credit.

Call me cynical if you will, but if the NSA or RSA
announced that they had a new algorithm, the
opinions would not have been this biased, bigoted,
and enflamed. There have been posts in this thread
that denounces her achievements on the basis of
gender, ethnicity, the reputation of the reporters,
the reputation of the events, or in some limited
cases, the plain ignorance of the poster. Why do
I feel that if there had been a corporate logo and
an army of suits that people would have been more
respectful of the news?

But don't get me wrong, I believe that with all
forms of coding, thorough testing of the algorithms
and continued work is not only a good thing, but
required. Just don't discount the work of people
like Ms. Flannery's before the vote is even in.

Linus's work was denounced by a figurehead at the
birth of his idea. But time has told who was right
and who was in need of an open mind.

Her work might not meet with the approval of many
people, but instead of turning one's back on it
so quickly, perhaps one should take a closer look
at it.

Personally, I hope she patents it and decides to
release it under one form of open source license
or another. It would be a boon to the net community
for new ideas to be tossed about and snowball.

*smiles* Maybe even give some of the critics a
little something to chew on.

Anyways, that's my two cents. The Intel site has
some pretty cool pics of Ms. Flannery. Whether her
code turns out to be a big thing or just another
blip on the scope, I hope she has a long and
bright career in the field of Cryptography. She
seems to already have a pretty good start and
a knowledgable father to lend her a hand if she
would ever need the help.

- Wing
- Reap the fires of the soul.
- Harvest the passion of life.

about 16 years ago


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