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Ask Slashdot: What Tech Products Were Built To Last?

FirstOne Re:Amana Radar Range (562 comments)

hmm, robust electronic items,

I use a 24 year old Panasonic turntable microwave (uP driven, w lcd display) on a daily basis..

I also use a 28 year old uP controlled, Kenmore microwave-convection oven on a weekly basis.

Everything else has long since been retired, RS-coco's, Sinclair Z8, 8088,286, 386, 486, pentium, celeron pc's, aimga 1000/3000, VME stuff, etc They all consume too much electricity/limited functionality to be of much value these days.

These days I use modern quad core laptop with 24" external LCD, ARM based Linux server, and a few other low energy consumption(Android) tech toys of recent vintage for daily use.


Blender Foundation Video Taken Down On YouTube For Copyright Violation

FirstOne Re:There is, Blender can sue (306 comments)

Blender can seek a lot more than just compensation of damages, punitive damages are in line as well. This is a criminal & commercial copyright violation (by Sony's agent) claiming ownership of property (perjury) that is not theirs. And subsequently using the purloined production for commercial exploration.

about two weeks ago

Inside NSA's Efforts To Hunt Sysadmins

FirstOne Once compromised, it's a two way street.. (147 comments)

Once you break into a admin's computer, with his credentials, it's a two way street.. One can plant evidence just as well as detect it..

Now that this info is public knowledge, any accused should levy a defense that the NSA planted the evidence, since they have the ability and the court has no way of identifying planted information verses unapproved activity.

Advice to NSA admins, I know it is a cushy job, but find another job NOT in the government, the NSA is on a witch-hunt it's only a matter of time before they turn innocent bystanders into criminals.

about a month ago

Russian State TV Anchor: Russia Could Turn US To "Radioactive Ash"

FirstOne Re:Celebrity Death Match (878 comments)

Radioactive fallout doesn't obey political boundary's.

It's not the N-weapons themselves, (couple of thousand megatons worth, on each side, yield split between fission(%50), fusion(50% relatively clean)), which will make real mess. But the 400+ Nuclear power plants around the globe melting down and/or being destroyed as a result.

Each nuclear power plant has several hundred megatons worth of highly radioactive fission byproducts stored inside the reactor and next to them in spent fuel rods. As demonstrated in Fukushima, all it takes is an extended loss of electricity to start the melt down process.

A megaton's worth of fission byproducts is created for every ~0.4TWh of electricity produced. Production of electricity via nuclear power worldwide is currently in the range of ~2200TWh. Thus ~5500 Megatons of potential fission fallout per year is added to an pre-existing inventory of ~150,000 Megatons, awaiting to deal humanity a coup de grÃce.

about a month ago

US Navy Strategists Have a Long History of Finding the Lost

FirstOne Re:Optimum scenarios (145 comments)

"The most likely cause was one of a the pilots going insane,", A more likely outcome is that the a radicalized pilot of MH370 decided on course murder/suicide after attending the sham trial of Malaysiaâ(TM)s opposition leader a few hours before takeoff.

Seams to me, if one were to make a simple assumption that the plane was on auto pilot for the last few hours(pilot suicide, anoxia), the Geostationary SAT ping times from those previous fixes would narrow the search scope considerably. I.E. Mathematically wise, one data point, verses five or six data points, would make a huge difference.

about a month ago

Safety Measures Fail To Stop Fukushima Plant Leaks

FirstOne Re:It will just continue like this... (157 comments)

Correction make that 1.5" of solid lead to block 99% of gamma radiation(not listed in article) from Cs-137.. (The remaining 1% will still be extremely detrimental in short order. )


about 2 months ago

Safety Measures Fail To Stop Fukushima Plant Leaks

FirstOne Re:It will just continue like this... (157 comments)

Bzzzt.. wrong-o, this a Pacific wide scale disaster, various ocean layers don't mix as much as they hoped it would.

Sr-90 (beta emitter, calcium replacement has a half life of 28.79 years.. I.E. three decades later nearly half of the original material remains..

Cs-137 both a Beta and Gamma emitter, has a half life of 30.17 years.. Again half of the original amount will still be around in 30 years..

There is a significant risk the Fukishima Area will get too hot for humans, or electronics to work in/around. Thus insuring nearly all the contents of the reactors and spent fuel pools end up in the environment.

Note: Where there is high levels of Beta radiation from Sr-90 their will also be high levels of Gamma radiation from Cs-137, no protective suit, nor reasonable amount of lead shielding will protect from high levels of Gamma radiation. It would take 3" of solid lead shielding to reduce Cs-137 Gamma radiation component by 100x (which is not enough)..

about 2 months ago

Financing College With a Tax On All Graduates

FirstOne College as we know it.. is obsolete. (597 comments)

Traditional college is vastly overrated and a waste of huge amounts of resources. Most grads don't end up having jobs related to their major.

It's just a matter of time before most classrooms will be replaced by remote learning . Leaving only the lab-work to be completed in some rented facility.

Instead of trying to find new ways(taxes) to prop up a overpriced, obsolete, low ROI, educational system, we should go forward and cost reduce the whole Enchilada. Deploy a national fibre network to every occupied structure within reason, similar to the old rural electrification act brought electricity to most farms.

Besides educational aspects of a national fibre network. I will bet their will be large number of societal fringe benefits, reduced travel needs, lower levels of communicable diseases, reduced crime, reduced infrastructure requirements, etc. Remember the benefits that occurred when President Clinton removed SA from GPS sats, that act spawned entirely new industries overnight.

So don't look at patching up our backwards educational system, go forward into the future.

about 2 months ago

Global-Warming Skepticism Hits 6-Year High

FirstOne Re:The Unanswered Question (846 comments)

Did it ever occur to you that the biggest variance will be what mankind does in response to this building climate crises?

How much CO2 and CH4 will be in the atmosphere in 2040? How much SO2, NO2 will the world be dumping into atmosphere come 2040? Will the average Chinese citizen loose ten years of average lifespan to pollution, or will they clean up their act?

What will be the state of the glaciers, and icecaps in northern and southern hemispheres? How will the lack of them affect climate? These are real big questions that go into uncharted territory.

about 3 months ago

Comet ISON Approaches Perihelion

FirstOne Re:More Info on ISON (39 comments)

"ISON is currently moving at 117 km/s!

But, ISON is going to be exposed to roughly a million times the solar flux we have near Earth for several hours. I.E. 1/100th the distance, cubed.. or 100^3 increased solar flux.. I don't expect it to survive those conditions.


about 5 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How Would You Stop a Debt Collection Scam From Targeting You?

FirstOne Re:You want a whitelisting device. (497 comments)

I recommend that he purchase some Panasonic DECT cordless phones with talking caller id. Program the Pana directory with the names and numbers of your frequent callers. When your friends and family call, you will here their name announced and know to answer the call.

note: Calls from Cell phones are usually ID themselves by # number only, but Pana phones will announce the preprogrammed name for the number.

If you want to take a step further, port your land line number to an Andriod smart cell phone and bluetooth to Pana's.. Smart phones can block a nearly unlimited amount of telephone numbers.

When the scammers call on a blocked number the cell phone pick's up on the the first ring and dumps them into voice mail(which you leave un-setup).. Your phones won't even ring, and it won't cost you anything, but it will cost the scammers a connection fee. Without the possibility of of any productive results, this will steadily decrease the number of rouge callers over time.

about 5 months ago

Largest and Most Intense Tropical Cyclone On Record Hits the Philippines

FirstOne Re:Typhoon Ida (1958) was more intense (160 comments)

Super typhoon Ida achieved it's maximum intensity well out at sea when it had a tiny eye, similar to Wilma when it rapidly intensified in it's early stages. Ida subsequently lost most of energy before it landfall in Japan as a cat-3.

Meanwhile Super Typhoon Haiyan made landfall at near peak intensity with an eye wall diameter of nearly 20km..


about 5 months ago

Microsoft To Can Skype API; Third-Party Products Will Not Work

FirstOne Re:And nothing of value was lost... (330 comments)

Agreed, I'm using up the last of my SKYPE balance, still use it for calling 800 numbers(which are still free), but that's about it.

Just got Google chat to phone via gmail working, which took some doing to get around the browser id check. Now, I can call phones in the USA for free, while skype charges $0.049 to connect and $0.023/min.

about 6 months ago

Oregon Extends Push To Track, Tax Drivers Per Mile

FirstOne Re:Can someone please explain ... (658 comments)

so EVs get to freeload..

In my state/city Grid electrical usage is taxed @19%.. Thus generating more revenue per dollar than gasoline or diesel. I.E 19% of $3.00 retail gas would yield $0.57 per gallon in state taxes

about 6 months ago

Upper Limit On Emissions Likely To Be Exceeded Within Decades

FirstOne Re:Nuclear is the only viable solution (324 comments)

It's not ready yet. Thorium perhaps in time.

Nuclear power is a dead end, Thorium-232 is not fissile, it must be first breed into U-233 (which is fissile), that process takes an enormous flux of of free neutrons(U-235, Pu-239). It's a chicken verses the egg problem.

Note: Breeder reactors are far more dangerous and operate much closer to the edge. They incorporate fewer safety features, (metallic fuel instead of ceramic oxides, etc), in order to maximize neutron flux.

about 7 months ago

Fukushima Actually "Much Worse" Than So Far Disclosed, Say Experts

FirstOne Re:When the Russians had the same problem... (274 comments)

The Hydrogen was formed when steam(H2O) reacted with hot Zirconium(Zr) metal tubes which contained fuel pellets (and most of the fission byproducts). Upon reacting Zr +2H2O became ZrO2(white powder), H2 was released and the tubes lost all structural integrity.

As these Zr metal tubes chemically reacted and disintegrated, the fuel pellets and the associated fission byproducts(Pu included) were released into water/steam/hydrogen mix. Thus some Pu became part of the explosive mix that later detonated, destroying the containment buildings.

While a virgin U02 fuel pellet may initially start out as a hard ceramic(tightly bonded oxide), after being inside an operating nuclear reactor for several years, a significant portion(4 to 10%) is something other than a ceramic.

about 8 months ago

Fukushima Actually "Much Worse" Than So Far Disclosed, Say Experts

FirstOne Re:Cue the XKCD cartoon apologists (274 comments)

Yes, the pacific Ocean is very large, but it also takes a very long time to to mix evenly.. "(hundreds or thousand+ years.)" Thus a large portion of the contamination will remain in the surface layer for generations to come. These relatively hot isotopes also tend to bio-concentrate/bio-accumulate up the food chain.

Recommendation.. "Eat low on the food chain" and avoid Meat products, especially those that were caught, or were fed fish meal products from the Pacific ocean.

about 8 months ago

Book Review: The Healthy Programmer

FirstOne Re:reddit.com/r/keto/ (461 comments)

What you need to remove are the sugar carbs... (sugars like sucrose, fructose, etc added to processed food products)..

Keaping the starch carbs is just a start.. Exercise, watching your pH balance are some other items you need to add to the list.


about 8 months ago

Duke Energy Scraps Plans For Florida Nuclear Plant, Forced To Delay Others

FirstOne Re:Not the best place (233 comments)

We've already came wayy to close to meltdown after Hurricane Andrew(1992) went just north of Turkey Point.

If Andrew had cut across south florida a few miles further to the south and subjected the plant to strong quadrants, instead of the much weaker quadrants, we might have had to evacuate South Florida.

As it was.. even the much weaker quadrants of Andrew did some significant damage, it severely damaged a 400ft tall, 5000 ton brick smoke stack for the bunker oil/steam plant next to the reactors.. Care to guess what was in the drop zone?? The backup diesel generator building!!! Even without that disaster, the Turkey point plant was cut off for 5 days with no outside power, water, or road access and came within a day of running out diesel fuel to cool the reactors.


about 9 months ago



Slashdot clutters up discussion threads

FirstOne FirstOne writes  |  more than 4 years ago

FirstOne writes "Recent Slashdot html rendering changes are making a mess of SlashDot's threaded comment display...

Friend, Foe and other delimiter icons frequently overlaying comment text, making it extremely difficult to read threads.

Firefox 1.5 -> Firefox 3.0 (latest version)."


FirstOne has no journal entries.

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