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Two Google Engineers Say Renewables Can't Cure Climate Change

FirstOne Re:here we go again (652 comments)

two words.. LOAD MANAGEMENT can solve a majority of this problem..

My house doesn't winter space heating, daily management of insulated window shades and capturing the morning sun takes care of most of those needs.

Summer A/C is when I use the most, but that matches nicely with solar flux. Just program it stay ahead by cooling down a few extra degrees during peak solar production. (Treat the house as a big thermal battery). It's not hard, one just needs to get use to a bit more in thermal swings. And when it's cloudy, a/c doesn't need as much. anyway.. P.S. Clouds only reduce PV output typically 30 to 65%,

Likewise my hot water heater, freezer and frig can all be used as thermal batteries.. Let the freezer and frig cool down a few extra degrees during peak solar output.. those compressors will remain shut off for most of the evening/night. Same goes for my heat pump WH, let it fire up during peak solar output hours.

That takes care of the big items..A few kWh of energy stored in batteries can take care of most of the other night time loads., LCD TV, LED lights,Microwave, etc.

about three weeks ago

The Plane Crash That Gave Us GPS

FirstOne Clinton SA removal.. I helped push it along.. (236 comments)

Some background.. around the Clinton era thingy... I think it was three plane crashes that convinced President Clinton to remove SA.

I wrote an E-mail to President Clinton(1997) pointing out, that three recent crashes had a common factor, which was Controlled flight into terrain because the pilots did not know their position. CFiT crashes were "1995, American Airlines Flight 965", "1996, Ron Brown, US commerce secretary", "1997, Guam".

I pointed in my emails that SA induced errors had prevented the Airline industry from widely adopting GPS as a navigation aid. And that a Cd-rom sized database, coupled with accurate unscrambled GPS signals could have prevent these crashes. I also pointed out that non-SA'd GPS signals had many other useful civilian purposes. (car nav, marine nav, etc.)

Imagine to my surprise, when I received a written reply letter (Sept, 1997), from the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense(Space). Outlining DOD and FAA plans to integrate GPS into the aviation industry and President Clinton's pending consideration, (starting in 2000), to remove SA scrambling from the GPS signal. The rest is history

about a month and a half ago

German Publishers Capitulate, Let Google Post News Snippets

FirstOne And three weeks to think it over. (95 comments)

Google stopped displaying snippets and thumbnails Oct 1.. German Publishers relent Oct 23..
Now let that be another lesson for the history books..

about 2 months ago

Hungary To Tax Internet Traffic

FirstOne Re:A few things... (324 comments)

Looks like "The power to tax is the power to destroy" is going to be demonstrated once again.

If Hungary the want's to jump back into the stone age, so be it. P.S. This is just Draft legislation.. If the proposal is made into law, I see Google, Yahoo, and every major ISP abandoning that country in short order. Same goes for any web hosting providers. Backbone providers will route their traffic around that tiny country. I expect the transition to be relatively dramatic.

One can only hope the voters recall their conservative stone age representatives and put in socialists in charge, with an eye to the future. I can also see the EU court stepping in an declaring this tax to be invalid/moot as a violation of human rights.

about 2 months ago

Texas Ebola Patient Dies

FirstOne Re:The Conservative Option (487 comments)

.. Ebola survivors suffer from many post illness conditions.. link

Dr. Amar Safdar, associate professor of infectious diseases and immunology at NYU Langone Medical Center, told CBS News these chronic conditions are a result of the body's immune response.
He said Ebola survivors are at risk for arthralgia, a type of joint and bone pain that can feel similar to arthritis. Ebola survivors also frequently report complications with eyes and vision, an inflammatory condition known as uveitis which can cause excess tearing, eye sensitivity, eye inflammation and even blindness. .

It''s only a matter of time before the extremists in society deploy bio-weapons.. (natural or man-made).. Be prepared to deal with it..

about 2 months ago

Why the Trolls Will Always Win

FirstOne Re:Anonymity == being a schmuck for a good number. (728 comments)

Agreed, I had to deal with these types on the Usenet forums. It seams no insult was too low for these types. They used 100's of aliases, I kept track of them and posted a list periodically.

When they started posting criminal confessions in my name.. I called the FBI office near the perp, that only slowed them down.. Even a threat of legal action didn't seam to phase them. Eventually they stopped when they could no longer get a response from me.

about 2 months ago

Which Cars Get the Most Traffic Tickets?

FirstOne Re:I have a Supra, and it's true (261 comments)

The last model year for the 3000 GT was 1999.. 14 years ago.. For enough of them(~151,000, 1991-1999, 3000GT+Stealth) to still be on the road and make this list is quite impressive..

The 3000 GT VR4 and it's companion Dodge Stealth Twin turbo were impressive cars. Stock 300HP, 4 Wheel drive, Active Suspension+4 Wheel Steering(1991-1993), and were well ahead of it's time. Thank you, Mitsubishi for these awesome automobiles. P.S.. My 1991 DSTT is still on the road(no tickets, 15 years+).

about 3 months ago

Power Grids: The Huge Battery Market You Never Knew Existed

FirstOne Re:Gas - problem solved (245 comments)

You made some mistakes(mixing up units).. the lowest possible temp is -273.15C or -459F, or 0 kelvin. (absolute zero). Increase in flame temp when combusted with air will be approx +10.4C.. (0.04 * 2483K) + (0.96 * 2223K) - 2223K = +10.4K.

+10.4K/(2223K-290K(or 323C)) = 0.53%(17C) to 0.55%(50C) increase in efficiency to help offset 4% H2's 2.71% reduction in energy content. Since most applications are direct thermal usage(water/hot air/etc) no additional losses will be incurred.

As for losing ~2.2% of heat energy, in exchange for cleaner burning fuel. It's a tossup.

about 3 months ago

Power Grids: The Huge Battery Market You Never Knew Existed

FirstOne Re:Gas - problem solved (245 comments)

Err. The 4% H2 portion burns hotter than other 96% ch4 & c2h6, so the hotter flame temperature is going to help make up for some of the 2.8% loss in energy density for any given volume of gas.

Beyond 4%, I expect we'll build a separate underground H2 storage network, were surplus Electricity delivered to site nearby a Combined cycle CH4/H2 power plant.. Electricity converted to H2,stored underground, and piped in separately to CCPP as needed/available.

As renewable energy percentage increases, within a few decades those CCPP's will be powered by solely stored H2, and CH4 will be conserved for other usage. Eventually, to help nature along, we'll extract carbon from either the ocean and/or atmosphere, and then combine it with H2 to make CH4 and pump it back into the ground.

about 3 months ago

Gas Cooled Reactors Shut Down In UK

FirstOne Re:Summary factually incorrect (120 comments)

This is not about a defective boiler pump.. It's about a reoccurring problem with broken boiler re-enforcing wires

They found a broken boiler spine in 2007, and spent 150 million pounds investigating fixes.. from what I've read they found more corroded/broken per-stressed re-enforcing spines.

excerpt from report dated Sept 2010,

"3.4. Leaking pressure vessel cooling water was also found to have entered a chamber containing BCU pre-stressing wires and as a consequence of this, a programme of radiography to reveal corrosion degradation was initiated. During inspections on Reactor 1 at Hartlepool in late 2007, the tendon wires were found to have unexpectedly high levels of corrosion, which led to one tendon wire having broken near to its anchor. Subsequent inspection of the BCUs on these other reactors found similar evidence of corrosion, indicating that this was a generic issue, not confined to Reactor 1 at Hartlepool."

about 4 months ago

Skype Blocks Customers Using OS-X 10.5.x and Earlier

FirstOne Re:and linux aswell (267 comments)

That's just the tip of iceberg.. M$ cutoff access to my Win 7 version of skype 6.6,0.106.. last updated 6/13/2013 !

I don't appreciate relativity simple applications requiring a constant stream of updates. It makes me think it's some sort of NSA/Gov spyware. It's better to just remove it and forget about them, too much hassle for little return value. Write them off and move on..

P.S. Oracle Java is quickly approaching negative return threshold and may soon join skype in my list of unstable/unreliable applications/addons.

about 4 months ago

Microsoft Files Legal Action Against Samsung Over Android Patent Dispute

FirstOne Re:Samsung: so sue us (83 comments)

Samsung's position is entirely rational, but less than ethical.

more than ethical, for different reasons.

Since Microsoft purchase Nokia, they must enter into a cross license agreement or pay royalties to Samsung. Now M$ may pull an Apple and claim they shouldn't have to pay for standard essential cell phone patents.. But that argument becomes a double edged sword, since M$ patent licenses cover the standardized memory card file format(oopsey - standard essential ) . So what's good for the goose is good for gander so to speak..

Samsung clearly and right fully, thinks they shouldn't have to pay M$ any more royalties, since the material terms of the contract have changed since M$ has become a cell phone manufacturer.

about 4 months ago

Report: Nuclear Plants Should Focus On Risks Posed By External Events

FirstOne Re:already done (133 comments)

Contamination is quite reversible

.. Oh, you didn't mention that it takes six hundred years for the deadliest of the food chain isotopes (Cs-137, Sr-90) to decay to a reasonable concentration.. Yep other than that, contamination can be reversed.. Just not in a typical human life span .

P.S. Even time passage of a million years has little effect on some the other longer lived fission isotopes. Like Cs-135(6.9% fission yield, I-129, 0.84% yield).. Iodine-129 is particularly nasty since half of an animal's Iodine is concentrated in the thyroid gland. A 60,000 gram human has a thyroid that weights ~15 grams, you do the math.


about 5 months ago

Blueprints For Taming the Climate Crisis

FirstOne Re:AGW is falsifiable, easily. (389 comments)

I'll add a couple of corrections to your list
4.3) CO2 absorbs IR photons, but also re-emits IR photons, but in a randomized spherical manor.
4.5) Increased randomization of IR photons interferes with the normal flow of energy from earth's surface to outer space.
4.7) As CO2 concentration increases more and more IR photons are re-directed back towards earth's surface at all levels of the atmosphere.
7) The net effect of increasing CO2 concentration increases temperature near earth's surface and decreases it at high altitudes.

about 5 months ago

Climate Change Skeptic Group Must Pay Damages To UVA, Michael Mann

FirstOne Re:It *isn't* that well understood (497 comments)

"Current CO2 concentration is 380 ppm or so."

You're a bit out of date(2010), I see. Atmospheric CO2 has been crossing the 400ppm mark lately, (avr 399 ppm)

Over the last year(june2013-june2014) it climbed by 2.56ppm, and that rate of increase appears to be accelerating, thus humanity is going to be in deep doo-doo real soon if we don't stop burning fossil fuels.

The other facts you seam to be missing, Our star(SOL) was somewhat dimmer in the past, thus requiring much higher CO2 levels to keep the earth from freezing over. And that humanity is totally dependent on the current climate patterns..

about 5 months ago

Qualcomm Takes Down 100+ GitHub Repositories With DMCA Notice

FirstOne Re:Linux licensing canary? (349 comments)

Technically, Qualcomm violated the GPL license on the code it contributed to github.. Speciffically, the clause which licenses the code in perpetuity. Thus they can no longer offer their products for use in any Andriod phone or device which uses GPL'd software.

But if looks like Qualcomm has quickly seen the error of its ways and issued a retraction/apology.

about 5 months ago

NASA Approves Production of Most Powerful Rocket Ever

FirstOne Re:Saw the last launch of the Saturn V (146 comments)

I viewed the last nighttime launch of the space shuttle from a bit closer, 402 causeway. It was spectacular.. The subsonic rumbling makes your clothes vibrate like a bell, and is an awesome experience. I will make a special effort to see this rocket liftoff.

about 5 months ago



Slashdot clutters up discussion threads

FirstOne FirstOne writes  |  more than 5 years ago

FirstOne writes "Recent Slashdot html rendering changes are making a mess of SlashDot's threaded comment display...

Friend, Foe and other delimiter icons frequently overlaying comment text, making it extremely difficult to read threads.

Firefox 1.5 -> Firefox 3.0 (latest version)."


FirstOne has no journal entries.

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