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Wood Density May Explain Stradivarius Secret

Fizzlewhiff Re:This has been known for years (318 comments)

Not a violin. Ash and maple are common tonewoods for electric guitars but aren't used as tonewood for acoustic instruments, however maple is often used for sides and backs of acoustic instruments like violins, arch top guitarts, etc. Spruce is what is generally used for violins, guitar tops, etc. Sitka Spruce from Canada, Red Spruce from the North Eastern US, and Englemann Spruce from Colorado are commonly used varieties on instruments made in the states (and around the world). These trees are big and they are old. I would imagine you could go higher up the mountains where it is colder to get wood with narrower growth rings but some of these trees were around in Stradavari's time.

more than 6 years ago


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