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Ask Slashdot: What's On Your Hardware Lab Bench?

FlavaFlavivirus Lab Hardware (215 comments)

Vortex Mini centrifuge Heat block Rocker table Pipettors and tips PCR Thermocycler Microwave oven

about 10 months ago

Polymer Patches May Enable Effective DNA Vaccines

FlavaFlavivirus Wrong! (83 comments)

FTA: There are two basic kinds of vaccines. The first uses attenuated viruses. This common and relatively simple method uses “dead” or inactive viruses. As far as the body is concerned, it’s the proteins that encase the virus that are important, not whether or not the virus is “alive.” Wrong! Attenuated viruses are not "dead." They have been modified so as to cause much less-severe disease than the wild-type, but are still infectious. You might want to read the actual paper if you want to understand this topic.

about a year and a half ago

Dr. Richard Dawkins On Why Disagreeing With Religion Isn't Insulting

FlavaFlavivirus Yay! (1152 comments)

More Dawkins spam!

about 2 years ago

Roundup Tolerant GM Maize Linked To Tumor Development

FlavaFlavivirus Re:link to paper (356 comments)

Thanks! I can't believe I couldn't find it :(

about 2 years ago

Those Sleeping Pills May Be Killing You

FlavaFlavivirus Re:Correllation != Causation (237 comments)

From the paper: "A randomised clinical trial of sufficient duration and size could provide definitive evidence for or against the disturbing mortality hazards suggested by our study. Some American NIH reviewers have opined that a randomised trial of hypnotic lethality would be unethical. No such trial has ever been mounted, perhaps for reasons similar to the absence of randomised trials of cigarettes and of skydiving without parachutes." It is absolutely unethical to give persons with no history of sleeping problems a potentially-lethal drug. This is as good as it gets.

more than 2 years ago

Totally Drug-Resistant TB Emerges In India

FlavaFlavivirus Re:The cure is obvious (346 comments)

"We cured the infection by treating the patient in an autoclave. Unfortunately, he did not survive."

more than 2 years ago

Are You Building A Raised Level On Your Home?

FlavaFlavivirus More Spam. (1 comments)

Yep, it's spam.

more than 2 years ago

Coders Develop Ways To Defeat SOPA Censorship

FlavaFlavivirus Re:Good move (449 comments)

Man, I wish I had mod points... So does the UK pay the Swedegeld every year now?

more than 2 years ago

Why the NTSB Is Wrong About Cellphones

FlavaFlavivirus Re:Probably not what it seems (1003 comments)

That's not a bad idea...maybe they make on that sounds like a fog horn.

more than 2 years ago

Why the NTSB Is Wrong About Cellphones

FlavaFlavivirus Probably not what it seems (1003 comments)

As a motorcycist, I would encourage people to not talk or text on their phones while driving. Whenever someone tries to kill me, it's always the same: a woman fiddling with her phone. However, I'm sure this ban would be enforced sporadically, with no reduction in traffic accidents caused by distracted will just become another excuse for the cops to pull you over and smell your breath.

more than 2 years ago

Gene Therapy Approach 'Completely' Protects Mice From HIV Infection

FlavaFlavivirus Re:Promising, but... (190 comments)

Ahem: "used a genetically altered adenovirus to infect muscle cells and deliver DNA that codes for antibodies isolated from the blood of people infected with HIV." -From the article

more than 2 years ago

Gene Therapy Approach 'Completely' Protects Mice From HIV Infection

FlavaFlavivirus Promising, but... (190 comments)

This experiment will probably not produce an actual human drug, as it suffers from the same drawback as most previous gene-therapy studies: the Adenovirus transduction system will kill a significant number of patients. However, the results do seem to indicate that a monoclonal antibody has protective effects. The gene therapy vaccine may not work, but you could inject purified antibody into someone who had a known exposure, or is going to be in a high-risk situation, and prevent infection. Unfortunately, these types of therapies will never be able to cure an established infection, as HIV integrates its genome into host T-cells.

more than 2 years ago

Plasma-Filled Bags Could Replace the Petri Dish

FlavaFlavivirus Re:Petri dishes aren't going anywhere. (43 comments)

Agreed. This is the classic example of solving a problem that doesn't exist. Want to limit contamination of flasks during growth? How about a filtered cap on the flask, or a HEPA filter in the incubator, or antibiotics in the media...oh wait, we already do that.

more than 2 years ago

Legal Tender? Maybe Not, Says Louisiana Law

FlavaFlavivirus Le Tax? (655 comments)

I'm thinking that this has less to do with trying to catch "criminals," and more to do with the state missing out on all that sales tax.

more than 2 years ago

RIAA Math: Sell 1 Million Albums, Still Owe $500k

FlavaFlavivirus Feeding the Bureaucracy (355 comments)

Does this mean that it is unethical to pay for music?

more than 3 years ago


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