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Patent Issue Delays Doom 3 Source Code Release

Fleet Admiral Ackbar Thank you, Mr. Carmack... (283 comments)

...You deserve every twin-turbo F50 you can get your hands on. Mad propz.

more than 3 years ago

Why iPod Mini is a smart move for Apple

Fleet Admiral Ackbar Re:Why not a Flash iPod? (730 comments)

The issue is not skip protection. The issue is damage to the unit. No hard drive that I am aware of was meant to be bounced up and down for an hour or more.

I am frankly surprised at all the people who have responded to this, "D00D I RUN ALL TEH TIME WITH IT NO PROB". You can use a stack of running ThinkPads as a Reebok Step replacement, too... for a while.

about 11 years ago


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