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APT - With Your Favorite Distribution

Floris Re:The problem isn't with the RPM format... (386 comments)

Actually, In my experience upgrading from woody, you have to upgrade to potato first.
Not that there are a lot of people still running slink out there ( 4 years old by now ) or even 1.2 (hamm?) but it does mean this kind of thing is not entirely without minor gotcha's.

Furthermore, this is not the only potential problem. It has happened multiple times in the past that bugs in unstable / testing interfered with the stable upgrade path. Thinks like perl 5.6 come to mind. I'm sure most of those have been solved by now but don't expect an upgrade from stable to unstable to run smoothly all the time.

more than 12 years ago


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Floris Floris writes  |  more than 12 years ago

Wow, slashdot is picking up features from advogato it seems.

Anyways, what should I put in here?
Ah, the article
Be forewarned, at this stage it is far from done.

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