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Michael Dell says Linux Server Sales are Up

Flying pig The linked MS ad at the top of the page (213 comments)

Said "Former Director of State IT services" in an ad that claimed he wouldn't convert Illinois to Linux because it was insufficiently reliable. Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Having said which, this is not really bad news for either side. For Microsoft, this is actually good news. It's counter evidence for the next time they get called in over monopolistic practices, and reduces the chances of more fines from the EU.

Microsoft has to really grow up and become the kind of company that realises that competition from the same kind of product grows the pool. For Linux, the less niche it becomes, the more there is pressure to support, innovate and drive down cost of ownership (not cost of acquisition.) Therefore, as it generates a business ecosystem, its future is more assured.

more than 7 years ago



Flying pig Flying pig writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Flying pig (925874) writes "The Royal Society has written to Exxon Mobil asking them to confirm that they are no longer financing lobbyists for climate change denial. (Here). The story points out that more progressive companies such as Shell have started to invest heavily in alternative energy, while Exxon seems to have concentrated on promoting organisations that either deny the link between carbon dioxide emission and climate change, or promote carbon dioxide release as a good thing. Although not included in this story, I was disappointed to note recently that the so-called Cato Institute (which has supported a lot of P J O'Rourke's travels) is in fact just such a lobbying firm with, apparently, links to the tobacco industry as well as the oil industry (here). I now find myself unable to trust a single assertion O'Rourke makes on economics, which may be overreaction, but on the face of it his journalistic independence has been compromised."


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