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Dual-Core Android PC Now Comes On a USB Stick

ForestGrump Angry Birds (178 comments)

Good. Now I can play Angry Birds on my computer at work.

more than 3 years ago

HotelChatter's Annual Hotel Wi-Fi Report 2010

ForestGrump Re:Hilton sucks. (157 comments)

You forgot the $16/day they charge for parking too.

more than 4 years ago

Scientists Use Sex-Crazed Bugs As Pesticide

ForestGrump Sounds like something I've seen on TV before (107 comments)

So what makes the "super sexed" males so, well, sexy and irresistible to the females? Yuval and his team are using a high-protein, bacteria enhanced "stud" breakfast to feed to the males before they're released. The formula should significantly improve their sexual performance.

All natural male enhancement that works? And is legit?

more than 4 years ago

"Right To Repair" Bill Advances In Massachusetts

ForestGrump Re:OBD - On-Board Diagnostics (478 comments)

Misfire can be caused by anything. Thankfully the OBD isolated it down to Cyl 4 (or it thinks its cyl 4). I would start with the simple things like put new spark plugs/wires and clean out the intake first. If that failed, then pay real money to have it diagnosed. Atleast you won't be kicking yourself for paying $100 diagnostic for a $25 part.

more than 5 years ago

You've Dropped Your Landline — Now What?

ForestGrump Re:AM radio! (635 comments)

Correction: Too far off the ideological fringes to make it to FM radio.

more than 5 years ago

Miss Border Guard 2009

ForestGrump huh? (3 comments)

Submitter, your humor is even beyond me.


more than 5 years ago

Sedate Your Kids While They Play

ForestGrump What happened to... (264 comments)

What happened to good ol parenting and talking the kid through the procedure with soothing words like, "just one more and we'll be done"

more than 5 years ago

I saw Watchmen, and I thought ...

ForestGrump It was OK but my girlfriend complained (523 comments)

It was OK but my girlfriend complained of the music. She felt that hallelujah was not appropriate for porno music.

more than 5 years ago

Mobile Phone Users Struggle With Hardware Adoption

ForestGrump Carriers listen up! (386 comments)

Carriers listen up! What this means is 50-90% of your paying customers don't care about this "free after 2 year contract" camera phonethat does everything from (mobile intarweb, SMS, MMS, musictones, and roadside assistance).

No, these are crap features that I will NEVER be used by 50-90% of your subscriber base because:
1. The general public that is over 31.4 years of age doesn't care about such frivolous crap.
2. You charge way too much for these services.

Just stop it and go back to being the phone company interested in selling me a phone call without all these additional "fees".

Thank you,

more than 6 years ago

Police Secretly Planting GPS Devices On Cars

ForestGrump Do the police... (609 comments)

Do the police require a warrant if they want to follow me around for the day? If yes then I believe this should require a warrant. Else, what's the diff except it costs much less and is more discrete.


more than 6 years ago

Infineon Chipset May Be Cause of IPhone 3G Issues

ForestGrump Why is this a problem? (298 comments)

AT&T has the best network around - More bars in more places. So this flaw should never be visible to the end user...unless AT&T has been lying to me.


more than 6 years ago

Olympic Media Village – Most Expensive Internet In the World?

ForestGrump I see no comments... (389 comments)

Possibly because at those rates, nobody can afford to comment! Media censorship has succeeded again!

more than 6 years ago


ForestGrump hasn't submitted any stories.



A vendors section?

ForestGrump ForestGrump writes  |  more than 8 years ago


Yes, what the hell is that? Prime AMD advert space. That's what it is. And while /. is at selling its soul to the corporate world...get an Intel section in there too (for the sake of not being so biased).


Moderation email.

ForestGrump ForestGrump writes  |  more than 9 years ago

Some of your past moderations have been meta-moderated by other
Slashdot readers. Here are the exciting results:

        - "Re:Hooray!" from the discussion
          which you moderated as
        "Flamebait" was voted Unfair.

Summary of your recent moderation: 95% Fair

Thank you for moderating.

So everything is peachy right? 95% fair moderation.


Slashdot Mod Trolls.

ForestGrump ForestGrump writes  |  more than 10 years ago

Because I have an LJ, i post all my crap to that and not /. journal. Hence, why I've never posted to /. journal before. Well, I feel this is very much more /. related than LJ related, so I'll post it here and linky to it from the LJ.

So what the hell is with the troll mods on /.? It seems that they mod with disregard to the discussion in question. What is wrong with discussions taking forks from the orig topics? Slashdot is a forum that is open to the public to discuss and share, to help benefit society as a whole. By having troll mods modding everything down, then nothing gets shared and crap posts (those that are irrevelant and posted way after nobody reads) end up on top.

So why am I bitching now? Well simply put, It was a discussion about VNC, and this guy was like "this client is better because there is a picture of a girl"
I reply with like "nah, its probably some guy with man boobs, probably from the use of steroids" and make a joke about arnold, calif's fearless warrior and how arnold is aspiring to become president some day. (scarry thought)
then someone replies that no, he isn't natural born...but thats about to change . Thanks Senator DRM Hatch of South Dakota...the reason why I don't talk to that girl from (secret place) anymore. (well, not really...its more of my fault...but i'm not 14 and she's not 13 anymore so who cares right?)

ANYWAY...This little fork of Arnold and the presidency seemed to have attracted troll mods...and thus the thread goes to apeshit. EVERYTHING except that AC post was modded down. quite spectacular to see actually.

So with no further ado,
The Slashdot Troll Mod Thread.
Note: Every post was modded down, why? have no fucking clue why, except there are people with mod points who probably mastrubate to the rythm of them modding others down. Praise the lord theyre only alotted 5 points...at a time...per account.

Yes, trolls have the method down. They metamoderate worth shit and login with 50 different accounts, through proxies. I thought my roomate was the king of time wasters; but i guess in the real world of slashdot, he's just a peon.

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