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Microsoft Ordered To Pay $388 Million In Patent Case

FrankNputer Re:cleverly... (233 comments)

Microsoft will find a way to make them pay - with copies of Windows Vista! Fixed that again for ya!

more than 5 years ago

Gene Simmons Blames College Kids For Music Industry Woes

FrankNputer Re:Well, he's over 40. (860 comments)

The non-standard selling method itself probably generated them a ton of publicity that they wouldn't otherwise have had.

Exactly. What Radiohead did wasn't a business model - it was a publicity stunt. It worked out really well for them, too. Got a lot of people to buy their album on principle; even got a lot of people who would have never even gone out of their way to listen to it to "give it a spin" - brilliant strategy.

But, a model for the future? No.

One thing people REALLY need to consider: it's easy to talk about this "new business model that's going to emerge" - but you really should think about what that might be. I hear LOTS of people bandying that phrase about, yet virtually none of them seem to have a clue as to an alternative, in concrete terms, that specify how that money is to be made.

It's easy to talk about T-shirts & playing live shows - but the profit margin on shirts isn't that great (they're really supposed to be a promotional tool), and how many of you have any idea how little most bands get paid to play live these days? Half the time, it's a losing proposition. Once you factor in all the expenses, you make less than a burger-flipper, if you make anything at all.

Yes, the current model is messed up; yes, the RIAA is acting INCREDIBLY stupid; and yes, the changes in the landscape have real possibilities for things to change for the better - maybe. But please, people - do your homework before you simply jump on the bandwagon for unspecified change.

more than 6 years ago


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