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NASA Begins Work on Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

FreakBoy Re:Public Domain? (238 comments)

From the LROC site http://cps.earth.northwestern.edu/LROC/summary.htm l

"All the data collected from the LROC will be transferred to the Planetary Data Systems (PDS). In all, about 62 terabytes (TB) of data will be sent to PDS from the data collected by LROC including the raw images in the original spacecraft viewing orientation (NASA Level-0) and radiometrically processed images (NASA Level-1) of the entire image collection. In addition, geometrically processed images (NASA Level-1C) from a subset of the image collection and uncontrolled mosaics from a subset of the image collection will also be transferred to the PDS."

The PDS ( http://pds.jpl.nasa.gov/ ) "archives and distributes scientific data from NASA planetary missions..."
You can download data from many past missions from the PDS.

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