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The End of Copyright

FreakyControl Re:Download limits will be a problem (86 comments)

I completely agree. Though, this problem exists in the USA as well. At the university I recently graduated from, we had a monthly download limit of 1.5GB, and an upload limit of equal size. Go over the limit, and you're reduced to a 56k connection. Go over more than once, and you're cut off for the semester. Keep doing it once reinstated, and no more connection for you.

As a grad student, I frequenctly played UT2004 every evening due to the short rounds. Under this model, I'd get one play a month, aside from the great deal of time it would take just to start a game. Yeah, that's some solid value there...Here's an idea - don't publish crap.

I bought UT2004 because it's a fantastic game. The same with SM's Pirates!, Splinter Cell, NWN, etc. So many games are either simply technology demonstrations or are rushed out the door devoid of gameplay, elements of fun, or depth of story that it's rediculous. But then again, we've heard all of this before around here. I try to tell the gaming industry this by speaking with my wallet, but apparently that's not getting the message across...

more than 9 years ago


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