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Free Remote Access Tools For Windows and Mac Compared

FrenZon RDP, NX vs VNC (152 comments)

I'd be interested to know how good these are at actually doing UI updates - I'm assuming they're all similar in implementation to VNC, which is a shame as you cannot really compare VNC-based systems to the speed of more integrated solutions like RDP and NX.

more than 4 years ago

Civilization Comes to Steam

FrenZon Re:High prices (104 comments)

I am happy to pay more for Steam titles - not having to worry about physical media is super great, especially since Steam lets you use your games on multiple computers. I have complete access to my Steam games library anywhere, and the games I do have installed are automatically patched and updated as needed.

Yes, internet access speeds in the US make downloading some games painful, but it's still faster than waiting for next-day delivery, and gives you a smug "I'm not needlessly polluting the air by driving to a store" feeling (well it would if I had a car to not drive).

more than 8 years ago


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