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Consciousness On-Off Switch Discovered Deep In Brain

Friar_MJK Part of a larger project? (284 comments)

I see lots of new and exciting things happen in the world of neurology and such. Are these things directly stemming from the Human Brain Project? How do we know what successes have come out of that program?

about 3 months ago

"Going Up" At 45 Mph: Hitachi To Deliver World's Fastest Elevator

Friar_MJK Re:Express elevators (109 comments)

learned this thanks to SimTower.

about 6 months ago

Steve Fossett Declared Dead

Friar_MJK Re:Wife wanted his will put into effect? (221 comments)

and this is why i think we're missing the beauty of 'REAL' distributed computing. set those drone mapping satellites to as many probable locations for Steve to have fallen and let people log into a special purpose website to view EVERY SQUARE INCH for an airplane - or airplane debris. btw i've never even heard of this guy, just offering a solution.

more than 6 years ago


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