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Are These People Reshaping the Gaming Industry?

Friedrich Psitalon Re:CCP? (127 comments)

Your first paragraph is the only one with any relevance to a discussion of UI - and since the only thing you say in it is "Moving it around doesn't make it great" and then continue with your broad, general strokes, I'll counter with:

No, that's one of the dozen things about the UI that work quite well.

The rest of your rant - and by the way, offline modules and overheating modules both have a rather pronounced effect, if you have any savvy in using them - has little do with a discussion of the UI. If you want to rant about net code, that's a whole different topic.

No, the UI is not "pretty." "Pretty" also doesn't equate to good. I can change the nature of information delivery, the amount of it, the location of it, the style of it, and how I manipulate, react to, and organize that information with a few simple clicks. I can custom-design a dozen information filters and pull them all up in two clicks. I'm not interested in a "pretty" UI - I'm interested in a functional one. If I wanted a pretty UI that didn't do anything useful, I've got plenty of other choices. The EVE UI is designed to give out information, and it does that very well.

more than 6 years ago


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