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Ask Slashdot: How To Find Expertise For Amateur Game Development?

Frizzled Game Coding in C#? Use Unity (188 comments)

Unity 3D lets you write in C# (or Javascript) then port to PC, Mac, WebGL, iPhone, Android -and, if rumors are to be believed, soon Windows phone.

Free to try, not too pricey for the full version either. They have some demos to get you started, there are also a few books to help you dive deeper.


more than 2 years ago

Internet-Based Realtors Win Monster Settlement

Frizzled Re:Great. (337 comments)

Unless you've gone through the hassle of buying (or attempted to buy) a house this wouldn't be very clear.

Right now it is almost impossible to purchase a house using internet based tools. Every housing market is controlled by the local realtors and they are VERY territorial. This means extra calls to look at houses if you aren't using a local realtor, extra time spent researching because tools are intentionally crippled for non-local agents, houses that aren't "keyed" properly for non-local agents (meaning even if you've done your research, then had someone call on the house, you still might not be able to get in and see it).

This makes it harder to find (and buy) a house if you aren't working with a local agent. Knowledge is power, and with current tools & rules the local agents wield a lot of power over non-local (internet) based ones.

Time will tell if this ruling bears fruit, but it is definitely good news for any nerd looking to buy a house in the future.

more than 6 years ago



Endeavour Crew to Assemble Giant Robot, in Space

Frizzled Frizzled writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Frizzled writes "Part of the space shuttle crew's scheduled mission for this week is to assemble a massive robot which will rise like "Frankenstein" from the shuttle's cargo bay. The robot, named Dextre, has 11-foot arms, a shoulder span of nearly 8 feet, a height of 12 feet, and was built by the Canadian Space Agency."


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