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Retailer Refuses Hardware Repair Due To Linux

FrostyCoolSlug Re:ahem.... are you sure? (1018 comments)

Need to be careful with this when it comes to warranty claims though, sometime you'll find some sort of 'warranty breaker' either on the case, or on the slot which allows you to remove the drive (I found one on the INSIDE of my laptop which ripped as soon as I pulled the drive), so if you change it, and take it back, they can say "It's been opened", and give you no choice of repair.

more than 7 years ago



FrostyCoolSlug FrostyCoolSlug writes  |  more than 8 years ago

FrostyCoolSlug writes "I've seen a lot of discussion about the issues of a legislation against net neutrality recently and although I'm from the UK I'm curious as to the implications surrounding this, and whether it will cause things like new ISPs specifically advertising that they are Net Neutral.

So my question to slashdotters, what would happen if the internet stopped being neutral?"


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