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Scientists Turn T-Shirts Into Body Armor

Fruny Re:Silk was used in a simlar way (213 comments)

The Huns wore silk to protect themselves in battle. There were no bullets back then, just arrows and blades. While the arrows could still penetrate the flesh, they often did not cut through the silk which made it easier to remove the arrows and stem the bleeding. BTW, like tee-shirts, silk is imprintable -- "We're on the run, we're lotta fun, we are the Huns!"

Yes, that's actually true! They also wore silk scarves to prevent neck chops, because "there can be only Huns!"

more than 4 years ago

French "3 Strikes" Law Returns, In Slightly Altered Form

Fruny Re:Not *slightly* altered (159 comments)

My personal opinion is that this is a face-saving law. The new law is 99.9% inapplicable in practice. There is just no way thousands of people can go through the court system every month as is the government's plan. Plus people are *very* likely to put up a good fight, like they have done everywhere. There are no possible settlement.

As I understand it, the plan is to use the same expedited process as for parking or speeding tickets, which has little trouble dealing with thousands of violations each month. In that regard, IP logs might be admitted in the same way as photographic evidence from speed-trap cameras.

more than 5 years ago

How Do You Keep Track of Your Web-Based Research?

Fruny Zotero (150 comments)

I imagine something like a FireFox plug-in with a 'Remember This' button and some options for category, keywords, annotations, etc.
Sounds like Zotero is what you're looking for.

more than 7 years ago


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