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Obama DOJ Sides With RIAA

FurryFeet Re:Me and what army? (785 comments)

So yeah, we would have a pretty good chance. Especially with widespread public support. If there was enough support, it might even be wholly bloodless.

If you had "enough support", you could have just won elections to begin with.

more than 5 years ago



Setting up a big, one day WiFi network?

FurryFeet FurryFeet writes  |  more than 3 years ago

FurryFeet writes "I work for a medum size K-12 school and have been notified that in a few weeks we'll have a big training event for teachers. We're expecting about 50 teachers to all bring in their laptops for a full-day training session; they'll all need internet access to do the work. I though I'd just set up a couple of Wi-Fi routers and call it a day, but after googling a bit I bumped into the "Wi-Fi at conferences problem"; namely, there is not a good and easy way to give 50 people a great Wi-Fi connection simultaneously. This is a one-day event, so I don't have a lot of budget. Should I just explain the situation and install a bunch of Ethernet cables? Is there any other way to set up this network that won't cost thousands of dollars?"


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