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Cops Mistakenly Donate 25 Pounds of Pot to Prison

Fus No Good Deed (27 comments)

A prison inmate reports the find and they get strip-searched? Proof that no good deed goes unpunished.

more than 5 years ago

AACS Revision Cracked A Week Before Release

Fus Re:Hex or GTFO (346 comments)

Its all downhill once crackers release workarounds BEFORE DRM comes into effect. I hope this beats into their heads that DRM is useless and will be cracked immediately.

more than 7 years ago


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Fus Fus writes  |  more than 7 years ago Built a gaming computer earlier this year and I've finally finished tweaking the hardware. All the monitors I own are CRT save for a 17" LCD. Time for a new monitor for this new rig!
Its impossible to find a good LCD screen in the 24" widescreen variety. Dell or Samsung Syncmaster. Ugh.

New server closet at work. Finally. I've been pushing for this for a year now. The network has been upgraded from a daisy-chain of Netgear 24pt 10/100 switches to two fiber-interconnected SRW2048s. Fiber to the servers and 100/1000 to all the desktops and laptops in my building. A 30U rack, patch panels, 2x 30min UPSes, and new servers round out the ensemble. I'm a bit concerned that there is passive cooling only, no room AC... we'll see how it fairs. I expect to put one in.

How do IT professionals stay in shape? I've gained ~25lbs since I started office work again. Its slightly depressing for someone 21yrs old. I've taken up walking and doing minor weightlifting with 21" CRT monitors. Dont ask.

I need to start using this poor account. That is how my last one died. I didnt use it and forgot the password; I could have had a badass low(er) UID. :<


A Compaq Deskpro

Fus Fus writes  |  more than 10 years ago

I have a little Compaq Deskpro that started life as a Point-of-Sale computer. It has been handed down and down until it reached me.

Daring as I am, I decide 'What the hell, I'll throw Linux on it!' Little did I know that all 6 distros that I try, failed. I tried Red Hat Fedora Cores 1 & 3, Knoppix 3.3 (which gives me "unknown bus" failures on load), Mandrake 10, Debian 2004.2 and Gentoo 2004.2.

I really though I had it on Gentoo. I really did. Those guys have perfect documentation. And yet, I would get a buggy error that says I have an invalid character in line 6 in a 5 line script! WTF?!

It saddens me because it just doesnt like any OS I throw at it except for Windows 2000.

Perhaps I'll go download and burn a *BSD distro now.


The beginning

Fus Fus writes  |  more than 10 years ago Well, I've broken down and started again. Hello again Slashdot, its been a while. No one reads this stuff anyways, so I should be ok :) Or do they ^_-

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