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Wal-Mart Ditches DRM, Keeps Censorship

Future Linux-Guru Re:Very Competitive: Walmart wins 3 of 4 (455 comments)

I'd disagree. Grab any random person off the street and ask if their MP3 player will play MP3 files.

Then ask them if it will play AAC.

Truth is, most don't care. They just want it to work, and MP3 has way greater recognition out there than AAC does. The benefits of having better sound are negligible...and probably only applicable to the sorts of folks who spend time on websites like this one.

more than 7 years ago



MS Research: Clusters of Human Brains

Future Linux-Guru Future Linux-Guru writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Future Linux-Guru (34181) writes "Microsoft research has figured out a way to use human subconscience thinking for processor intensive tasks like facial recognition. From the article:

>>"Given that the brain is constantly processing external information," says Tan, "we can start to use the brain as a processor." In one scenario, he explains, pictures would be placed in people's peripheral vision, which doesn't require focused cognitive attention, so they could go about their daily tasks."

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