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Are DVDs Inconvenient On Purpose?

FuzzyFox Because DVD's Wear Out (490 comments)

DVD's are fragile things. When exposed to the hostile environment of the Postal system, and to Renters, they get damaged pretty quickly.

As a result, physical DVD's must be repurchased by Netflix over and over, if they are a popular rental item. This represents a measurable revenue stream for the film industry, and they are probably quite happy with it.

Streaming movies don't incur this damage and don't generate the same revenue stream for DVD sales.

I'd be curious to see some statistics from Netflix, telling how many times they are able to rent out a disc before it comes back unplayable. I know I've had a fair few unplayable discs shipped to me by Netflix.

about 10 months ago

Sony Ericsson Helps Out FreeXperia Developers

FuzzyFox Re:Keep your friends close, and your enemies close (50 comments)

+1 This is just so that they can figure out how people go about hacking their phones, so that they can design phones that are more hack-resistant.

more than 3 years ago

Bufferbloat — the Submarine That's Sinking the Net

FuzzyFox Re:Definition, please (525 comments)

BT means BlueTooth, of course.

about 4 years ago

Next Generation of Algorithms Inspired by Ants

FuzzyFox Thants (106 comments)

Thanks, Ants.... Thants.

more than 4 years ago

The Time Travel Paradoxes of Back To the Future

FuzzyFox Re:Despite what who? (454 comments)

I think you words out.

more than 4 years ago

Barnes and Noble Bookstore Chain Put In Play

FuzzyFox Re:We live in a multimedia word (414 comments)

"Flammable" means "it can burn." Like a piece of wood. If you hold a match to it for a while, it will eventually start burning.

"Inflammable" means "capable of bursting into flame." Like a pool of gasoline: If a flame touches it, it will be a raging fire, instantly.

So these two words are not exactly interchangeable; there is a difference in meaning.

more than 4 years ago

Commodore 64 Primed For a Comeback In June

FuzzyFox Re:Clear Hoax (330 comments)

The disk drives weren't faster, it was the I/O interface to the computer that was faster. PET's used the IEEE-488 parallel bus, while the C64 used the IEEE-488-"C" serial bus. Obviously a parallel bus can move more bits at a time than a serial bus at the same operating frequency. When compared to the tape drives, the disk drive was blazing fast. :)

more than 4 years ago

The Trousers of Reality

FuzzyFox Re:Two questions (63 comments)

It's a dessert topping and a floor wax!

about 5 years ago



Verizon Knows your Wi-Fi SSID and Key

FuzzyFox FuzzyFox writes  |  about 10 months ago

FuzzyFox (772046) writes "While browsing my Verizon FIOS account settings on their web site, I happened to notice my Wi-Fi SSID was prominently displayed. Below that, I noticed a link that would also display the WPA2 password for my private network.

I was really surprised by this, because I did not tell Verizon this information, or ask them to store it on my behalf. It appears they have lifted the information remotely from the ActionTec router that they supplied me with.

It bothers me that they are storing this information about me, because it could conceivably be (1) stolen by hackers, (2) subpoena'd by the government, (3) silently borrowed by the NSA, or other uses that haven't yet come to mind.

Do other ISP's also silently store their customers' password information without the knowledge of the customer? Should we be outraged about this? I would rather that my private information not be stored without my consent, at the very least."

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