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Alan Moore on V For Vendetta and the Rise of Anonymous

GMonkeyLouie What's the message here? (286 comments)

Moore sounds like he is satisfied with his contribution to the movement, but not as satisfied or validated with the achievements of modern radicals (yet).

I love seeing symbols and characters borrowed from history and re-used, or re-purposed. It reassures me that our actions could potentially matter to future generations.

more than 2 years ago

FCC Chair Seeks Comcast-NBC Merger Conditions

GMonkeyLouie Get Liz Lemon in here. (68 comments)

Lemon, did you see this? Representative Bookman is claiming that our merger with Kabletown must be subject to federal regulation and oversight. They're concerned about "uncompetitive practices". Utterly absurd. I haven't heard such a charge since Hugh Hefner kicked me out of the mansion.

The marketplace is about competition, Lemon, in its purset form. You do whatever you can, whatever you have to, to get ahead. If you don't compete, you die. Nobody steps in to save you from your enemies. This isn't funtimes in the playpen. It's the coliseum, and I'm the biggest, burlyest gladiator of them all.

I have to go, I'm taking Avery to the doctor for a sonogram before the hearing.

more than 3 years ago

Blekko Launches a Search Engine With Bias

GMonkeyLouie Re:Needs Work; Selling Point Doesn't Exist for Me (133 comments)

I agree with your position that Blekko isn't really useful when you have the option of jumping onto Advanced Google.

I can see people using it in the future if a community builds up that uses the slashtags dilligently. It seems to be hivemind powered, at least to a certain degree.

Unfortunately, I don't see this ever working as envisioned, because the terms that describe the bias can never be free from bias. Endless debate over which sources are "liberal" and "conservative" will ensue. The best we can hope for is for a community that self-defines with a given bias (i.e. "libertarian") to help to delineate what the term really means, but even that seems extremely questionable.

I wouldn't use this tool often, if only to reduce the impact that other people's biased tinkerings have on my perception of what is and is not biased.

more than 3 years ago

Microsoft Says Goodbye GUI, Hello MUI

GMonkeyLouie Great in concept (79 comments)

...but probably terrible in implementation.

Calibration for each individual person's body type? Tech support that involves actual physical human contact? (shudder) Epileptics would lose all of their work with regularity.

In my mind, this is one of those things where we've already made the intuitive leap to an input that makes sense and now people want to go back and think of something that takes more effort to replicate what we've already done in a more convoluted way.

more than 4 years ago

12M Digit Prime Number Sets Record, Nets $100,000

GMonkeyLouie Sounds cool, but... (232 comments)

Call me a n00b, but I'm unsure there are any ways to use this newfound information about prime numbers.

Next time good ol' (2^43,112,609 - 1) comes up in conversation, I'll make sure to impress everyone with my new knowledge, but other than that, I feel no smarter for having read this article.

more than 4 years ago

Watchmen 50 Days On, Was It Worth the Gamble?

GMonkeyLouie Absolutely Worth It (448 comments)

Totally worth it. A bunch of my friends who had never read Watchmen, and really aren't the reading types, made it out to see the movie and we all had a long discussion about Rorschach and the Comedian, and how much we loved Dan Dreiberg.

Movie was good, Watchmen is good to make a movie about, end of story.

more than 5 years ago

Honda Develops Brain Interface For Robot Control

GMonkeyLouie Brainsss!!!! (88 comments)

Clearly, this is why the zombies want our brains. They must have already built the robots.

more than 5 years ago

Honda Develops Brain Interface For Robot Control

GMonkeyLouie Re:Army of the Future (88 comments)

Heinlein's character Sergeant Zim (I think?) made the argument that men in the field were still the most superior weapon, and the only ones capable of stealing small objects out from under the enemy's noses, taking captives, and adapting to complex objectives.

No robots for you.

more than 5 years ago

Old Computers Resurrected As Instruments At Bletchley Park

GMonkeyLouie Awesome (109 comments)

I fully approve. It's definitely time to rethink what obsolescence means, and this musical presentation seems like it will be amazing from an angle of reimagining what old computers are really for.

I will take my kids to see it and tell them that when I'm old, I want them to arrange me in a formation with other old people and make us all make beautiful coincidental sounds that could be construed as music.

more than 5 years ago

Reversing Undesirable Fish Evolution

GMonkeyLouie Let me tell you (216 comments)

Whenever I go out to the bars, I make it a point to take the smallest woman I can find home with me. It is my hope that within generations, the women remaining in the bars will all be larger and provide... um... ::analogy fail::

more than 5 years ago

Outliers, The Story Of Success

GMonkeyLouie Interesting (357 comments)

Looks like a very interesting book, very much in the flavor of Freakonomics, in that it uses each chapter to explore a completely different phenomenon and simply orbits around a nebulous main argument.

I very much like that approach because it leaves me, as a reader, feeling like I've taken an adventure and seen a lot in the course of a book; it appeals to casual readers who like their nonfiction to be as exciting and as unpredictable as their fiction.

I expect to pick it up from the library as soon as I can. Thanks for your review!

more than 5 years ago

First Touch-Screen, Bendable E-Paper Developed

GMonkeyLouie All Right (174 comments)

Bendable e-paper! I look forward to the day when the stack of textbooks and file folders I keep can be easily replaced by one or two screens and a million tiny hard drives I can lose.

Although, it would be nice if a subscription to a newspaper meant that they would give me their proprietary e-paper and update it once a day with the new issue, keeping all previous issues on file and searchable on the same piece of hardware.

more than 5 years ago

Child Online Protection Act Appeal Rejected

GMonkeyLouie But you know who else is thinking of the children. (251 comments)

Gotta tell you, a lot of porn sites have chat nowadays, or at least the most fun ones do, and I don't want my kids being on those sites talking with a bunch of degenerates.

Softcore porn for kids is (I can't believe I'm saying this) probably not that bad of an idea, considering that almost everyone has gotten their chafed little hands on a Victoria's Secret catalog somewhere along the way, but the nature of internet porn is that every site attempts to link you deeper into dirtier and more proprietary material to get you to look at their ads and pay for their content. Slippery slope for all with sleds.

Now, chatrooms for kids to talk to each other? Fine. Maybe this would mean a large-scale endorsement of OLPC, for all the wrong reasons?

more than 5 years ago

Broadband Access Without the Pork?

GMonkeyLouie Yeah, there are (412 comments)

My neighbors' wi-fi access point provides internet access for me without me having to pay for TV or landline access, like you said. I don't even have to pay for the internet, which I actually use!

I recommend everyone switch to this kind of ISP.

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Plans VR Simulation of Everything?

GMonkeyLouie Re:A blast from the past. (217 comments)

I would shop that way in New York. I very much dislike being in a city where it's so far from place to place, so very very dirty, and unsafe.

Hell, going to New York in VR might be the most pleasurable trip I've ever taken there. I wouldn't get mugged like last time, frozen bloody solid like the time before, or lost on the metro system like the time before that.

more than 5 years ago

Black Hole At Center of Milky Way Confirmed

GMonkeyLouie Re:Yes, that makes lots of sense. (392 comments)

An analogy is a lot like a tangerine, in that you have to break through the tough outer rind of legitimacy before you get to the juicy center and realize that an analogy can never serve as real evidence in support of anything.

more than 5 years ago

Black Hole At Center of Milky Way Confirmed

GMonkeyLouie Re:OMG we are all going to die (392 comments)

I swear to God, this one guy in a philosophy class I was in was telling some girl about the limits of science, and how there are just so many things we don't know for sure.... he goes:

"Take water for example" ::air quotes with his fingers and sarcastic voice:: "H Two Oh?" ::exasperated superiority:: "We don't know that!"

I spent an entire fifty minute lecture secretly pointing a laser pointer at his genitals, doing my part for the human race.

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Plans VR Simulation of Everything?

GMonkeyLouie Systems managers rejoice! (217 comments)

Everyone else seems to be pretty skeptical of the usefulness of "Virtual World" technology, but I think it could revolutionize consulting.

I could show people competing alternatives for recommendations on how to restructure their physical operations, like "in scenario one we have your checkout lanes over here, just past the cheeses... contrast that with scenario two, where we have them flanked by bakery counters...".

Also, has anyone considered how excellent this could be for porn?

more than 5 years ago

FOSS Community Can Combat Bad Patents

GMonkeyLouie Re:I could be mistaken here (58 comments)

So I guess it's a way of saying that you're not confident you could pay to win a legal battle against a large established company who goes patent trolling?

Nice. Now being inventive is effectively taxed by the presence of bigger fish. Way to go, patent law.

more than 5 years ago

Human Rights Court Calls UK DNA Database a 'Breach of Rights'

GMonkeyLouie Re:The terrorists have won! (206 comments)

Indeed true. Also, terrorists don't win unless you allow them to influence your policymaking process. So stop telling us to give up rights.

(I got my views on terrorism from Laura Roslin)

more than 5 years ago


top Uses Google Moderator System to Empower

GMonkeyLouie GMonkeyLouie writes  |  more than 5 years ago

GMonkeyLouie writes "The website for President-elect Obama's transition team,, has unveiled a section called Open for Questions, which lets users submit questions and vote them up or down, in an effort to let the collaborative mind produce the questions that are the most important to the American populace (or at least the web-savvy portion). The page is powered by Google Moderator. It was unveiled yesterday, and CNet reports that when they went to post last night, "159,890 had voted on 1,986 questions from 3,255 people"."
Link to Original Source


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