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White House Wants Ideas For "Bootstrapping a Solar System Civilization"

GNious Re:One word: (348 comments)

Comments like your always scare me - the last thing we need is for people to think that "100% solar" (or, "100% some powersource") is in any way relevant to meeting our powerneeds.

3 days ago

Eggcyte is Making a Pocket-Sized Personal Web Server (Video)

GNious Re:Web Server? (94 comments)

You did read the TOS of your ISP provider, right? Some don't allow any server at all (email, Web, etc) on your home connection.

That's going to be an issue for a lot of people, who play video-games. Many games will use one of the machines as a host, to which the others connect, basically causing that player to be running a (temporary) game-server.

4 days ago

Will New European Commission Leaders Welcome Open Source and Open Standards?

GNious President-elect Junker? (21 comments)

Uhm, "President-elect"?
Wouldn't that imply that the position is voted upon?

5 days ago

More Details On The 3rd-Party Apps That Led to Snapchat Leaks

GNious Re:Nice article (97 comments)

Last I looked (i.e. not recently), Android user-accounts require the user to be 18.
At the same time, I've seen no non-enterprise solutions for locking down an Android phone.

about a week ago

Twitter Sues US Government Over National Security Data Requests

GNious Re:Number of Letters (57 comments)

Require all communication from the government(s) go via a dedicated email account, then have a robot tweet ever time an email happen to arrive at that account.

about two weeks ago

Fixing Steam's User Rating Charts

GNious Re:Ratings is just one thing. (93 comments)

I can't tell you how many support tickets I have to go through because steam can't properly launch or update the main binaries that are covered under their drm. Most of the time it's AV issues, but once in a blue moon it's steam borkin' out. (0.25-0.5% of sales)

I've concluded Steam is one of the worst pieces of software on my computer:
* Ca 20% of the time it fails to start a game, or stop it, not recognizing whether the game is already running
* It occasionally refuses to close, claiming some game is still running (it isn't), and can keep the system from rebooting
* It constantly nags about changing a setting on my computer, despite being denied numerous times
* it autostarts, despite never having been allowed to do so, and spams me with ads for games I cannot run on any computer I own
* Checking powerusage, it is consistently the highest or in the top-3, even with no window open
* On another machine, the Steam Client consistently managed 2-5 frames-per-second - worse than even Microsoft Word!
* Can change game-update settings, except cannot set it to not update a game at all
* Highlighiting Kerbal Space Program and then hitting enter causes it to start playing sounds from Civilization V ..

Overall, it may be delight with the discounts and the mass-market distribution, but my personal impression is that it is a piece of shite ...

about two weeks ago

2014 Nobel Prize In Physics Awarded To the Inventors of the Blue LED

GNious Re:LED lighting (243 comments)

At least the editors didn't claim that LED lamps emit more lamps ...

about two weeks ago

HP Is Planning To Split Into Two Separate Businesses, Sources Say

GNious Re:HP (118 comments)

Make sense - I've seen printers sold for less than the cost of the ink-cartridges.

about two weeks ago

AIDS Origin Traced To 1920s Kinshasa

GNious Re:Are we sure it is blood/meat contact? (162 comments)

Consumptions of infected simian meat has been the explanation for a very long time. Why does everyone seem surprised?

Because, at the same time, we've been told HIV can't spread orally.

Uhm, I think you've gotten the concept of Oral Sex wrong, if you think it is largely similar to daily consumption of meat...

about two weeks ago

GlaxoSmithKline Released 45 Liters of Live Polio Virus

GNious Re:These viral samples need to come with their own (209 comments)

Nah, just have a small squad of armed personnel, ready to go and shoot anyone who fucks up like GSK did, along with shooting the management-team.
That should fix things after 2-3 incidents..

about two weeks ago

Ubuntu Touch For Phones Hits RTM, First Phones Coming This Year

GNious Re: battle with Android and iOS first! (132 comments)

Ubuntu phones don't have to battle with anybody[..] All it needs to provide is an open source Linux based phone that respects users' privacy

Sooo ... It just needs to battle Jolla?

about three weeks ago

Popular Wi-Fi Thermostat Full of Security Holes

GNious Re:Will this internet of things die already? (103 comments)

Seriously! How long would one have to be away and kicking himself that he forgot to change the thermostat setting before having one of these new fangled ones would pay for itself?

Looking at the spiel from Nest, these products pay for themselves through regular use, not through exceptions:

Auto-Schedule makes it easy to create an energy efficient schedule that can help you save up to 20% on your heating and cooling bills. All the Nest Thermostat's features combined can get you even bigger savings


Some dude, who may very well be paid by Nest, tweeted this:

After a year using my @Nest thermostat, I've saved $326.74 / 2,651 kWh over the previous year.


Not saying that all of the above is true, but at least it seems that they'd consider your premise incorrect.

about a month ago

PayPal Integrates Bitcoin Processors BitPay, Coinbase and GoCoin

GNious Re:betrayed, the paypal haters were #yoda (56 comments)

One thing I'd like to know is, how do BitPay, Coinbase and GoCoin avoid ending up with 90%+ of all BTC?

Since most stores that take BTC also take a "real" currency, the idea that people would convert their normal currency to BTC in order to pay with BTC, seems to me to be a bit silly. Why not just pay with regular money?

about a month ago

To Fight $5.2B In Identity Theft, IRS May Need To Change the Way You File Taxes

GNious Re:Solution (410 comments)

Don't tax food [...]

Having been to the US on occasions, I'd question just what would be exempted by that statement.

about a month ago

NASA's Manned Rocket Contract: $4.2 Billion To Boeing, $2.6 Billion To SpaceX

GNious Re:Six Missoins Each (188 comments)

It wouldn't suck if they made more profit on less revenue.

Sure it could.

For example, Boeing could take the $4B and spend $5B on R&D having negative profit; while SpaceX could take the $2B and make $1B profit.

But then Boeing's technology will have improved by $5B in R while SpaceX's will have only benefited 1/5th as much

Boeing could take the $4B and spend $5B on R&D, then be awarded another $2B to cover unforeseen expenses ... (FTFY)

about a month ago

The FCC Net Neutrality Comment Deadline Has Arrived: What Now?

GNious Re:Now they Ignore It (131 comments)

you forgot to include the word "Dingo" in there...

about a month ago

Court Rules the "Google" Trademark Isn't Generic

GNious Re:Lucky them (159 comments)

How about we "bing" that?

about a month ago

Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Maker Mojang For $2.5 Billion

GNious Re:Ads (330 comments)

They are purchasing this to get Minecraft on the Windows Phone-no-longer-called-Phone platform, in the hope that people will buy their devices to play Minecraft on.

Yes, I'm not actually bullshitting you on that one.

about a month ago

City of Turin To Switch From Windows To Linux and Save 6M Euros

GNious Re:What's in the EU water? (249 comments)

Don't get me wrong, I'm fond of my language when it comes to identity and culture. But when it comes to communication having global terminology and one way of doing it makes everything so much simpler. Yes, there's a whole lot of "English" speakers out there but any resemblance of a common tongue beats trying to use translators. It's something of a first world issue though as 16% of the world is still illiterate in their first language but I hope that in 100 years you could talk to at least half the world's population in one language.

Now you know why I started to learn Mandarin a few years ago - yeah, I've accepted that I won't get far on Danish alone, and there are more people knowing Mandarin/Hindi/Spanish than English :)

Meanwhile, I'm trying to recall the short-cuts in MS Office's Danish version ... thinking they are the same as in the UK version.

about a month ago



Casting For Nerds, TV that matters?

GNious GNious writes  |  about a year and a half ago

GNious (953874) writes "Seems there is a casting-call for Nerds, looking for individuals for "King of the Nerds Season 2" — What better place to find them, than /. ? Disclaimer: not affiliated with the caster, show, network or country."
Link to Original Source

Black Ops petition - PS3 version needs refunding

GNious GNious writes  |  more than 3 years ago

GNious (953874) writes "An online petition demanding a refund (or at least some compensation) for the Sony(tm) Playstation(tm) 3 has been signed by more than 7500 owners, all complaining of an inferior product being sold at full retail price. Perhaps someone in the video games business should look into the concept of merchantability, or are gamers just complaining too easily?"
Link to Original Source

Danish Municipality of Rødovre changing to OO

GNious GNious writes  |  more than 4 years ago

GNious (953874) writes "Despite warnings from Microsoft and the Danish minister of Science, Helge Sander, the municipality of Rødovre, DK, has exchanged Microsoft Office for citing savings in License and end-user time as reasons. This comes after concerns that a similar move by Lyngby-Taarnbæk was causing the Software Giant to try and have the responsible IT Manager removed. Microsoft also penned a stern warning ( to Lyngby-Taarnbæk when they moved their schools to OOo."
Link to Original Source

GNious GNious writes  |  more than 7 years ago

GNious (953874) writes "Bioware has a thread about porting the upcoming game Dragon Age to Apple Mac OS X and/or Linux.

Debate include such topics as porting houses, physics engines and the value of the market, with an enormous amount of requests for such games as Neverwinter Nights 2.

With the potential for selling upwards of 1000 copies (counting individual requests) of a game at possibly $50 each, is the decision to exclude a platform and the associated revenue the correct one, or are the petitioners the ones that have gotten it wrong to think that their ca 1-5% marketshare matters?"


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