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D&D Co-Creator Gary Gygax Has Passed Away

GOD_ALMIGHTY Expect an update to Deities & Demigods... (512 comments)

Anyone want to speculate on the powers of the Gygax? Will it be able to kick Tiamat's ass? Will it be more of a Tom Bombadil character or a benevolent Loki?

I learned to program by modifying hack source in vi on a Tandy Model 16 running MS-XENIX. The K&R C manual and the AT&T Unix manuals were a little above my elementary reading level, but building dungeons was a big enough reward to overcome that. As to the other folks who mentioned the skill set that D&D taught them, I'd like to add my agreement. Learning how to logically model and implement rule systems with teams was an amazing challenge that has served me well.

Gary Gygax's flight of fantasy has probably done more for the world than we will ever know. I will be spending my night with good friends, strong ale and old songs.

With my eternal thanks and appreciation, Godspeed Gary Gygax.

more than 6 years ago


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