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A Tale of Two Windows 7s

GT_Alias Dvorak's complaints have nothing to do with the OS (770 comments)

Dvorak's article is completely useless. He's concerned with the fact that MS doesn't coddle the media like they once did and that their marketing material is overly pro-corporate (imagine that!) and lacking in punctuation--there was nothing in the article about the OS. I'm not sure how this guy manages to stay employed other than the fact that he's entertaining in his complete lack of relevance. Also, the cheap vodka/martini/two-olives analogy made no sense...it did make me want a martini though.

more than 5 years ago

Future Game Coders - Online Education or College?

GT_Alias Re:what 4 year degrees are for (143 comments)

I think "friends and networking" deserved its own bullet point (unless it fell under A). I wouldn't have imagined I'd maintain some of the contacts I have to-date, and they've led me to opportunities that would have been difficult to come by otherwise.

more than 7 years ago


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