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Study Finds Similar Structures In the Universe, Internet, and Brain

GWLlosa Re:Gardner had it wrong (171 comments)

Yes, there may be humans in this galaxy, but the relationships between those humans have no effect on the galaxy, qua galaxy. In other words, the interactions that occur on a galactic level produce no appreciable feedback in the system as a whole from human beings.

Challenge Accepted!

about 2 years ago

Space-Time Cloak Could Hide Actual Events

GWLlosa Red Alert 2 (129 comments)

Finally... the Chrono-legionnaire has arrived!

more than 3 years ago

Twitter Hack Details Revealed

GWLlosa Re:Limit logins without DOS? (222 comments)

Easy. You throttle the logins. After the first failed login, you add a 1 sec delay. Every subsequent failed login, you double the delay. Reset delay after successful login. Good luck with your million-year dictionary attack.

more than 5 years ago

Lenovo Service Disables Laptops With a Text Message

GWLlosa Perfect. (257 comments)

This is exactly what we need in terms of laptop security. To you nay-sayers out there spinning doom and gloom scenarios about friends pranking your laptop with text messages, I can only assume that there is some secret passcode that you must send as part of the text-message to disable the machine. In fact, it should be convoluted, and hard to remember. Fortunately, as the proud owner of a brand-new Lenovo laptop, you can keep information like that stored right on the laptop, which you take everywhere.

more than 5 years ago

BT Silences Customers Over Phorm

GWLlosa Re:Heuristic: (196 comments)

Um.... I don't think they have the Patriot Act in the U.K....

more than 5 years ago


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