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Silicon Valley VCs and the Gender Gap

GalacticCmdr Re:America is already screwed up (375 comments)

So the defense against his straw man is to prop up your straw man so that he is bigger? You are basically arguing that your straw man can beat up his straw man.

more than 4 years ago

European Union Asks US To Free ICANN

GalacticCmdr Re:Uh, no (503 comments)

But to neglect the Soviet involvement in the War as much as some have in this thread borders on criminal. It's a widely held opinion in UK history (and I'm sure other European countries) that the decision to take the war to 2 fronts is the most critical mistake Hitler made.

I completely agree with your post, except for that section I quoted above. Sure I was not on Stalin's staff, but historical documents have shown that Stalin was already planning on moving west once Germany had stalled in its attack. The German army had no choice but to attack before Stalin could get his war machine up and running.

Hitler and his generals made plenty of mistakes during the attack (changing objectives being one of the most terrible), but the decision to attack was not really a choice.

more than 5 years ago

New Gadget Blocks 'Spam' Phone Calls

GalacticCmdr Re:Hey, we could use that in the U.S. too (274 comments)

Actually schools represent our biggest customer base; although our B2B is the highest traffic on a daily basis. Most schools use it to announce all manner of things that are coming up (including several emergency lock downs). However, it is weather closings that really stress the system. Several geographically centered locations all hammering their full list at the same time. All of these calls will terminate into the same exchanges.

It is strange to see the system spike, investigate it and find that a nearby school has just be locked down because of a gunman on campus grounds. The supers can sound surprisingly calm when informing the parents not to be alarmed that someone with a gun is on campus and they have everything under control.

I understand the hatred towards robo-calling, but there are many legitimate uses as well. At the end of the day I do not feel sleazy about my code, or my company, because our system is emergency and B2B based. We do not do UCEs.

more than 6 years ago

New Gadget Blocks 'Spam' Phone Calls

GalacticCmdr Re:Hey, we could use that in the U.S. too (274 comments)

The most annoying calls now are the "robo-calls." What really infuriates me about them is that I can't seem to hang up on them (if you try to hang up and pick up the phone later, the message is still playing). This pisses me off because it means that my phone company is somehow in cahoots with these bastards and is essentially letting them hijack my phone line without my permission. What if I needed to make an emergency call and had to wait for the robo-call to go through all its "great offers" before I could even dial out?

I write robo-call software and when something like that happens it is the fault of your local carrier. Many of the local carriers in the US have been getting lazy about sending the proper signals when a connection is disconnected. It is up to the carriers to send this signal. I can regularly call my boss' landline and get a difference of 30 seconds between when he hangs up and when I finally get the signal has been disconnected.

more than 6 years ago


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