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LHC Data Continues To Disagree With Supersymmetry

Ganthor Re:What is with this... (196 comments)

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."
- Albert Einstein

about 3 years ago

PSN Outage Continues, Console Hack Claimed To Be Responsible

Ganthor Re:Official word from Sony finally (404 comments)

Yes that's correct, most would not have put their credit card information up there...unless they bought stuff online from them. *If* you've been through the sign-up procedure with them you'll know that they require a LOT of information. I was concerned at the time I signed up for this very reason. There was information that could help someone pretend to be me to the bank over the phone or to identify all the home addresses with PS3's to go get them.

I ended up creating a bogus person - I am now glad I did and don't feel like such a paranoid dick any more. - In fact this caused me to start a standard fake person for all sign on ID's.

Companies that require all this information to use their services should really consider what information they really need and what information are they willing to be responsible for. I tell you what, if people start getting scammed or ID stolen as a result of this, Sony better be willing cough up every last cent in compensation. Sure someone attacked their network, but by *requiring* people to enter this information they are assuming responsibility for protecting it. (I bet the expansive EULA and privacy statement say nothing about this).

more than 3 years ago

Computer Opens Unmanned Store For Holiday

Ganthor Re:Only in NZ - Actually I think it's bogus! (333 comments)

Yeah I read the article and I can't get all the bits of the story to fit together properly.

For this story to be 100% true as told we need to make some assumptions.

Assumption 1). ONE computer system needs to have control of the lights, door locks and registers.- or each of the separate computer systems together are coordinated and have control of the above items.
Assumption 2). The self-checkout registers were on and were pre-set to auto-start at a given time of day or "ready-to-go" state even though they were "cashed up" at the end of the previous day. - (read cash removed and tallied at the end of the previous day).
Assumption 2.1). The self-checkout registers have the ability to log on in the morning with no manager authorisation including connecting to the bank for the EFT/Credit machines.
Assumption 3. As NZ was an early adopter for EFTPOS so no one tried to pay with cash and expect change before someone tried to buy alcohol.

Reasoning 1). Unlikely. - More likely given the type of shop it is - the duty manager would have to do all of the above manually. Besides the duty manager would need to select what registers would be on at the beginning of the day.
Reasoning 2). No cash would be left in the machines overnight. - Therefore it's More than likely the machines turned off after cashing up was complete.
Reasoning 2.1). Again because the manager would select which registers would be active during the day I doubt the registers would be setup to do this automatically.
Reasoning 3). - Possible but unlikely.

I think the real story is something like, legislation prevents the shop opening on "Good Friday".

More likely than the above: One manager figures he's being clever by not having the shop staffed and blaming it on a computer glitch.

more than 3 years ago

Dollar Apps Killing Traditional Gaming?

Ganthor Re:You shouldn't have to (343 comments)

Yeah Absolutely. it should be .... ummm 60 times better perhaps? - and no, 59 times better in technology and same game-play isn't going to count.

more than 3 years ago

Used Game Penalty Escalates With SOCOM 4

Ganthor Re:Good job sony. (325 comments)

A new slogan

"Fuck you, buy it new!"

more than 3 years ago

Steam Success Holding Up Half-Life Development?

Ganthor Re:Nothing to do with Portal (235 comments)

HL2 was fantastic and my wife endured a few weeks as a gaming widow while I played it through.

I got Ep 1 and was disappointed at how short it was. It was priced like a full length game. I felt burned and I lost interest before Ep2 got onto the shelves.

more than 3 years ago

Google's Driverless Car and the Logic of Safety

Ganthor Re:can't take revenge against a computer (510 comments)

I think the "Human Control Factor" will work in a different way. - People will want to drive.

My opinion is most drivers are poor drivers (with respect to road safety). - They take chances, cut people off, run red lights (or push the amber), travel too close, travel too fast, etc, all in the name of getting from A to B as fast as possible.

People will get a Self driving car then get frustrated at how slow and tedious the drive is as the auto-driver will not take *any* chances.

Result is that people will take control.

more than 3 years ago

Improving Productivity (With Science)

Ganthor Re:On the contrary (208 comments)

"It's common knowledge that multiple monitors increase productivity,

Pretty sweeping statement....Almost like an advertisers introduction....

Because of peoples careless claims I cannot have a serious debate about this at work. Too many guys have already used 2 monitors as a status symbol and have poisoned the minds of the managers who'd have to pay for them.

more than 3 years ago

Crowd-Sourced Radiation Maps In Asia and US

Ganthor What about Hiroshima! (99 comments)

Anyone noticed there is no data from around the Hiroshima area?

Just a curious observation....not radiation detectors there?...No one wants to submit their results?

more than 3 years ago

In Isk We Trust: the EVE Online IskBank Exposed

Ganthor Re:lol Botters (145 comments)

Hmmm that sounds like fun.

more than 3 years ago

In Isk We Trust: the EVE Online IskBank Exposed

Ganthor Re:lol Botters (145 comments)

Any hints on how to identify bot miners?

Would train up a bot hunting alt for this!! ;)

more than 3 years ago

HarperCollins Wants Library EBooks to Self-Destruct After 26 Loans

Ganthor Re:Another assault on The Commons (181 comments)

Agree - and this makes me think that we are going backwards as a society. Less egalitarian and less pooling of resources for the common good.

more than 3 years ago

HarperCollins Wants Library EBooks to Self-Destruct After 26 Loans

Ganthor Re:look elsewhere (181 comments)

Absolutely agree,
This is against the basic idea of libraries. These publishers are seeing an opportunity to add yet more control and bring in additional revenue streams. This is just stupid greed.

Personally I hate the idea that any third party can kill a book once purchased. To me, it gives too much power for evil.

more than 3 years ago

Activists Seek Repeal of Ban On Incandescent Bulbs

Ganthor Re:Efficiency not technology (1049 comments)

Well this is probably the sensible direction - Mandating efficiency standards.

How much does lighting contribute to a household's energy requirements. I remember hearing it was in the single digit percentage or at least low (less than 20% of the over all energy requirements of a house. Sure it's worth having a look at but why is it such a high priority?

Governments do this type of thing to show voters they care. - It's easy, it's lazy and is a good greenwash.

I'd prefer to see requirements (or at least ratings) on both operating and vampire power of household equipment. I work in an industry where minimal current draw from a battery is major requirement. Applying this thought to mains power devices would have a significant benefit. Many of us now run more than on PC at home of reasonable power, a cable modem/network hub, a big ass TV (LED / LCD or plasma). How often are these devices on....All the time? we use them all the time too? Certainly our behaviour can contribute a lot, however I also see that manufacturers should be designing with minimal power draw as one of their primary requirements. - I'm shocked to see how many of them have very high energy draw in both operating and standby modes...(yes I look at that when selecting a new device).

I also have a sense of pessimism here too. - As people become more efficient in their power use, power companies will start to increase their electricity prices to cover the short fall. In the end the consumer will do more to use less, and pay the same or more for the privilege. In the end the financial benefit of being more efficient will evaporate. With that in mind, most people will stop caring. - This world is so f*cked up some times.

more than 3 years ago

Talking To Computers?

Ganthor Re:Honesty (395 comments)

Some people fail to pass themselves off as a thinking people.

For God's sake, I've called IT help desks and call centres and had people so inept and keen to keep to their scripts that they ignore what I say. - Yes I do have examples.

On talking to machines, I admit to not having a lot of experience here - mostly by choice. I find commands generally faster to click the buttons. (eg voice dial on my phone is much slower than finding the name in address book). As for dictation of documents....I also find the longer path from brain to my fingers gives me time to think about what I'm trying to say rather than my usual vocal ramblings.

more than 3 years ago

Bill Gates Says Anti-Vaccine Effort Kills Children

Ganthor Re:Wow (832 comments)

I think I saw that one too.

One comment I thought was worth reflecting on was that vaccines have actually been quite successful in eliminating these illnesses from the community. So much so that people have now forgotten what these diseases are like and now focussing on the much smaller rate of (alleged) complications.

more than 3 years ago

Bill Gates Says Anti-Vaccine Effort Kills Children

Ganthor Re:Wow (832 comments)

If I had a mod point!! - You'd have it.

more than 3 years ago

NASA's Next-Generation Airplane Concepts

Ganthor Re:Actual article link (120 comments)

The lifting body design (Boeing) has been publicly tested at NASA for a couple of years now. They are even at the stage of scale testing in wind tunnels. The other concepts are .... well concepts as far as I can tell.

more than 3 years ago

Should Employees Buy Their Own Computers?

Ganthor Re:Bad idea. (498 comments)


Big companies will want to protect their data. So using your equipment is a sure fire way to loose your privacy.

Having your own latest equipment has a lot of draw backs too.

You'll have to support and maintain it. You'll have to replace it if stolen or broken, You'll have to allow them to scan it.

My God, I can't think of anything more creepy then bringing my own stuff in to work on and allowing them access to it. Besides, my work does not require I have the latest fastest equipment and mobile phone. Unless I become a 3d texture artist or something, I doubt very much that I'd be any more productive with it. The human brain can only work so fast, and the time we spend waiting for the network, or applications is a good time to think about what we are doing. - Secondly most of my waiting time is network latency, has nothing to do with my desktop speed at all.!

Summary, your nuts if you want to bring your own kit into work. Too many serous implications for you personally!

more than 3 years ago

Sony Must Show It Has Jurisdiction To Sue PS3 Hacker

Ganthor Re:Great Legal Team! (217 comments)

Oh come on.... you really expect that argument holds any weight??

"It's my I bought it therefore I can do what I like with it", including something forbidden by terms of use and by the law? - I think not.

The divide is whether you think that it's you right to backup and protect your media investment, and companies like Sony should not stop you from doing that. - End of the day, Sony are protecting their interests, while we try to protect ours (the right to make backups of fragile media).

They made it fuckin hard to crack the PS3 to play copies of whatever. Then when people came up with methods to do that, they removed "other OS feature" that allowed the crack. Then this guy finds a method and Sony loose control. I don't agree with Sony's over bearing control of the PS3, in particular the removal of features. However, I think it's clear what Sony are doing. They are making an example of what happens to you if you thumb your nose at them - publicly.

more than 3 years ago



Jamming may leave GPS in the wilderness

Ganthor Ganthor writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Ganthor (1693614) writes "The ABC reports on an Australian researcher who is raising concerns about GPS signals and unintentional (or intentional) interference.

Personally I think he is pushing his "jamming detection" research but in any case... It's worth a ./ discussion."

Link to Original Source

R18+ Video Games in Australia - Discussion Paper

Ganthor Ganthor writes  |  more than 4 years ago

Ganthor (1693614) writes "The Australian Government have released a discussion paper on introducing an R+18 rating for video games. The discussion paper can be found at: . Currently there is no such rating in Australia for video games, so games which depict any nudity, sex or lots of violence which cannot be classified under the MA+15 rating are refused a rating and therefore cannot be legally sold in Australia.

Game developers usually water down the Australian version of the game to obtain an MA+15 rating; but in some cases (probably due to our piddly little market share) they don't bother selling it in Australia.

The average age of an Australian gamer these days is 30., The policy doesn't appear to make any sense unless you're a conservative who doesn't play games and believes most gaming adults wouldn't stop their under-age children from watching or playing them. (I mean come-on; old enough to pay taxes but not mature enough to do basic parenting..?).

At least this is a positive step in allowing adults to freedom to choose your entertainment in Australia."

Link to Original Source


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