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Windows vs. Ubuntu — Dell's Verdict

Gantic Re:Macs (718 comments)

Their mistake was reasonably obvious, but I felt it should be pointed out so mere laymen could understand the full repertoire of options available. Inevitably the first Mac user to read my comment proves the point immediately. Story checks out.

more than 4 years ago

Windows vs. Ubuntu — Dell's Verdict

Gantic Macs (718 comments)

They omitted the "Use a Mac if you're an uptight self-concious bellend" option

more than 4 years ago

$100,000 Poker Bot Tournament

Gantic Heres hoping this doesnt ruin online poker (356 comments)

Whilst its not actually explicitly against most online poker sites terms and conditions, I forsee this contributing to the problem of bot users on poker sites. As it is at the moment they are considered a problem amongst the low level players. Suppose a really good AI is invented. Whilst we wont know we are playing against a bot it will be making 100% correct decisions without the user having to do anything. Leave a few of them running over night and some people are going to get absolutely fleeced... by artificial intelligence. I dont approve.

more than 9 years ago



PokerStars settles with DOJ and acquires Full Tilt Poker

Gantic Gantic writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Gantic (460802) writes "PokerStars have acquired Full Tilt poker in a large settlement with the DOJ that includes repayment of the in limbo Full Tilt player funds. Both sites denied any wrong doing which the DOJ appears to have accepted and paves the way for federal legislation for online poker within the United States. PokerStars are paying $731m in total of which $547m is to repay US customers and $184m for ROW players.


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