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Apple Announces Smartwatch, Bigger iPhones, Mobile Payments

GbrDead Re:Apple now a trend follower? (730 comments)

All the iPhone users I know ... now ... have no choice. .


about a week ago

Ask Slashdot: What Are the Strangest Features of Various Programming Languages?

GbrDead Re:cmp %rdi,%rax (729 comments)

Or you can use the following argumentation:

We say "assign the value of b to a" but write "a = b".

about two weeks ago

Islamic State "Laptop of Doom" Hints At Plots Including Bubonic Plague

GbrDead Re:But is it reaslistic? (369 comments)

Civilian casualties were large...

So it works! Praise Allah!

about three weeks ago

Munich Reverses Course, May Ditch Linux For Microsoft

GbrDead Re:Open Source Integrated email/calendar/phones/et (579 comments)

My employer recently did the same as yours. I am wondering - do you have chat history in Lync?
An instant messenger without chat history is way further away from perfect than just far. It always has been, not just in 2014.

about a month ago

Samsung Buys Kickstarter-Funded Internet of Things Startup For $200MM

GbrDead Enquiring minds want to know (107 comments)

How much is 200 mm in dollars?

about a month ago

US Senator Blasts Microsoft's H-1B Push As It Lays 18,000 Off Workers

GbrDead Re:Free market economy (529 comments)

Don't tase me, quo!

about 2 months ago

Unintended Consequences For Traffic Safety Feature

GbrDead Countdown timers are only for pedestrians? (579 comments)

Here in Bulgaria we have many (in fact, most) traffic lights with countdown timers for cars. Most don't even have timers for pedestrians. And these timers started to appear about ten years ago.
I haven't heard of increased car crashes at intersections. My own observations also don't point in this direction. People are (or at least I am) using these timers as a more precise yellow light. And drivers in Bulgaria don't have to twist their necks in order to see them. Maybe this is the problem?

Disclaimer: Bulgaria has a very high fatality rate on intercity roads. These are not related to traffic lights, though.

about 3 months ago

NYC Loses Appeal To Ban Large Sugary Drinks

GbrDead Re:Let them drink! (532 comments)

> The ones who are doing something that clearly puts a larger burden on the system pay for it.

On the contrary, they lessen the burden on medical care systems. The smokers need medical care for a significantly less time on average, even if it is more intense for a while. Not that I am advocating smoking for anyone.

about 3 months ago

US Should Use Trampolines To Get Astronauts To the ISS Suggests Russian Official

GbrDead Re:Russia is invading eastern Ukraine (272 comments)

> My best guess is you are a Russian who can't wait to visit the new acquisitions.

Any time now. He is just waiting for the permit.

about 5 months ago

Mathematical Proof That the Cosmos Could Have Formed Spontaneously From Nothing

GbrDead It's a proof, all right... (612 comments)

A proof that a hypothesis might be right!

Also, see the eighteenth voyage from "The Star Diaries" by Stanislaw Lem. It might have been used in the proving process. :-)

about 5 months ago

How the Internet Is Taking Away America's Religion

GbrDead Everyone is born atheist (1037 comments)

I was born atheist and just stayed that way. Thanks mostly to my grandparents who didn't try to indoctrinate their children in any religion (although one of my grand-grandparents had been an actual priest).
Well, I guess I have to thank a bit the religion-condemning totalitarian regime me and my parents grew up under.

TL;DR: No, the Internet did not influence me at all in this regard.

about 5 months ago

Turkey Heightens Twitter Censorship with Mandated IP Blocking

GbrDead Re:Whack-a-mole (102 comments)

I don't think Erdogan cares about collateral damage.

about 6 months ago
top Give Us More H-1B Visas Or the Kids Get Hurt

GbrDead Re:Wish I had mod points (271 comments)

I was joking. :-) I was trying to ridicule a possible HR excuse.

about 8 months ago
top Give Us More H-1B Visas Or the Kids Get Hurt

GbrDead Re:Wish I had mod points (271 comments)

They want 1-3 years, and you have more than 3.

about 8 months ago

Why Do Projects Continue To Support Old Python Releases?

GbrDead Re:When upgrades break code (432 comments)

> It's not Python. It just kinda looks like Python. Should have called it Reptile or WiggleWorm or something.

Why not Towers?

about 8 months ago

Police Pull Over More Drivers For DNA Tests

GbrDead Re:Um.... (562 comments)

Things have improved in Bulgaria. You should pay us a visit.

For example, the present government, even if it is despised and protested against by most of the population, issued the following order to all traffic policemen: do not stop any vehicle without an obvious cause. Yes, even arbitrary checks for alcohol are no longer performed.* And even Tato's militsiya did not organize indiscriminate checks at road blocks (well, at least not in the 80-ies).
As you said, there were times when your car had to be insured so that is doesn't get stolen for sure (by the same insurers). No longer the case - insurers stickers on cars are forbidden, and I know some people with new cars and without theft insurance.
The problem is that Bulgaria is still very much into adopting leading Soviet... er... American and Western European practices. So whatever becomes the norm at your place will sooner or later become the norm here as well. The former minister if Interior even tried to pull an NSA (illegal taps). Good thing he didn't have NSA's resources at his disposal and that we have more than one party so he got exposed on time (by a party which I don't like but then again I don't like most of them).

* Guess what: the policemen complain that they cannot do their job. Reminds me of some other notorious law enforcement agency. :-)

about 9 months ago

European Health Levels Suddenly Collapsed After 2003 and Nobody Is Sure Why

GbrDead Re:Eastern Europe joined in 2004 (304 comments)

The Warsaw Pact had nothing to do with health and nutrition. It was the counterbalance to NATO. Just FYI.

about 10 months ago


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