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Google's Motorola Adventure: Stinging Defeat, Or Semi-Victory?

GeLeTo The numbers (139 comments)

- $3.2B Moto's 2011 cash
- $2.4B Moto's 2011 deferred tax assets
- $2.35B Moto's Set-top-box business sold in 2012
- $75M Moto's factories business sold in 2013
- $2.91B Moto's Mobility business sold in 2014

So the "patents, engineering talent, and insight into the mobile-device marketplace" cost $1.56B, not $7.1B

about 9 months ago

Emscripten and New Javascript Engine Bring Unreal Engine To Firefox

GeLeTo PNaCl (124 comments)

The Mozilla folks didn't speak kindly of Google Native Client, but asm.js is not much different than PNaCl (portable native client)
PNaCl compiles LLVM bitcode to native code
asm.js uses code generated with Emscripten from ..... LLVM bitcode
Devs can easily target both platforms. If somebody ports the Pepper API to asm.js, converting a PNaCl application to asm.js can be an automated task.

about a year and a half ago

Google App Verification Service Detects Only 15% of Infected Apps

GeLeTo Or maybe... (99 comments)

The malware developers test and try to circumvent the Google scanner and don't bother with third-party security apps. If Google buys an app with 100% detection rate and uses it in their scanner, guess what the detection rate will be a few months later.

about 2 years ago

Alan Cox to NVIDIA: You Can't Use DMA-BUF

GeLeTo NVidia GPL kernel module (946 comments)

Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't NVidia have a small GPLed kernel module which communicates with the rest of the driver which is platform neutral (e.g. the same on Windows and Linux) and therefore not derivative work.
This is a bit of a gray area, but so far the Linux devs have not complained. So if NVidia exposes this functionality in their GPL kernel module in a platform-neutral way will that be ok?

about 2 years ago

The Day Leo Traynor Confronted His Troll

GeLeTo Re:Fake (594 comments)

How does Traynor's "genius" I.T. friend get an IP address from ...Facebook (wtf??) ?

Quite easy. You post a status with a link that's only visible to the stalker. When he visits the link, you have his IP address.

about 2 years ago

Brown Signs California Bill For Free Textbooks

GeLeTo Re:XML format? (201 comments)

They most probably mean DocBook XML. In the XML you only express data - chapters, articles, paragraphs, titles, images... No formatting. And then using the same XML you can generate HTML, PDF, ePub, MOBI, htmlhelp, etc...

about 2 years ago

Another Elon Musk Bet: Half of All Cars Built In 2032 Will Be Electric

GeLeTo Re:I wanted to post this (359 comments)

...the petrol their cars run on ... is really just an inconvenient waste product that happens to have found a use.

While the market for plastics is huge, it is dwarfed by the gas market.
Once there's no need for gas - production will shift to converting petrol exclusively to plastics, wax, asphalt, lubricants, etc. You can create plastics from many sources - vegetable oil, sugar and ... oil.

more than 2 years ago

Google's Quickoffice Purchase Takes Aim At Windows 8

GeLeTo Google branded Androids (63 comments)

Quickoffice will be one of the carrots to lure manifacturers to use the Google branded version of Android instead of rolling their own ( Amazon, Baidu Yi ). This is their primary incentive, not Windows 8.

more than 2 years ago

ITC Rules Apple Does Not Infringe S3 Graphics Patents

GeLeTo S3TC patent (81 comments)

This probably makes the texture compression patent (S3TC) invalid. Now it can be safely implemented in Mesa.

more than 2 years ago

ARM Claims PS3-Like Graphics On Upcoming Mobile GPU

GeLeTo Re:Resolution! (217 comments)

This chip will work on tablets, so I am not sure about the 20-40% of the pixels thing. Also PS3 games look much better than the PC counterparts on similar hardware thanks to the fine-tuning and specific optimisations which are possible only on fixed hardware. In order to match the PS3 the Mali GPU actually has to be more powerfull. And let's not forget that the power consumption will be orders of magnitude lower. It definatelly will not be high-end, but might still be more powerfull than most of the GPU's that will be sold at the time of the release (e.g. integrated Intel crap).

more than 2 years ago

ARM Chips Designed For 480-Core Servers

GeLeTo Re:And it's useless. No 64-bit support. (132 comments)

Linus' rant is about using PAE in a desktop enviroment, which I agree with (that's why I said that I doubt any applications will use PAE). It says nothing about virtualisation. LPAE will work just fine for VMs.

more than 3 years ago

ARM Chips Designed For 480-Core Servers

GeLeTo Re:And it's useless. No 64-bit support. (132 comments)

ARM's Large Physical Address Extensions (LPAE) allows access to up to 1TB of memory. While I doubt applications will use this, it will allow each virtualized host on the server to use 4GB of memory.

more than 3 years ago

US Army Considers a Smartphone For Every Soldier

GeLeTo Tracking soldiers... (279 comments)

"...allows soldiers to track colleague's locations on the battlefield"
What could possibly go wrong?

more than 3 years ago

Earth-Like Planet That Could Sustain Life Found

GeLeTo Re:I work with 2 of the authors (575 comments)

Wouldn't all the atmosphere freeze at the dark side of the planet? The water for sure, maybe the CO2 too? Unless it's a greenhouse planet like Venus?

about 4 years ago

Adobe Calls Out Apple With Ads In NY Times, WSJ

GeLeTo Soooo, Adobe loves open markets? (731 comments)

Great! Now if they would be kind enough to adjust the European prices for their products so that they are not 2 times more expensive than in the US.
Observe: - $2,450.99 - EUR 3,688.00 = $4,683.39

And thanks to some european laws that Adobe strongly supports and enforces (with the help of BSA) it is illegal for an european company to use software bought in the US.
Yay for open markets.

more than 4 years ago

Humans Evolving 100 Times Faster Than Ever

GeLeTo Not anymore (584 comments)

Rapid evolution in the past 10000 years - maybe. In the past 50 years - no way. Nowdays everybody can have an offspring no matter what diseases, diets or social changes he is subjected to.

more than 6 years ago


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