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Itsy Specs Updated

GenChalupa An Itsy Software Port Solution (77 comments)

I've been following the Itsy project for some time now as a "civilian", and was fortunate enough to have been an engineer on the project early on. I've read a great many of the complaints and suggestions here on /. regarding the schematics and software.

Last month I contacted an old collegue of mine who still works on the project, (Hi Jimbo!) and together we began, using Wine source as a base, porting the Win32 API to Itsy. We are calling the project PORTMAN.

I'm not sure if anyone actually checked out the linked schematics, but the bus of Itsy is actually pretty interesting. It features a proprietary (I know that's an evil word) technology called Timed Rerouting Online Linear-Link System (TROLLS). This allows PORTMAN to function efficiently, bypassing a slight bottleneck in the output system. (The bottleneck I refer to is caused by Grain Reciprocating Isolinear Transit Sensors (GRITS).

Before TROLLS, GRITS had the terrible effect of petrifying PORTMAN. That problem is no more. Thank God for TROLLS.

I hope this was helpful. I am always delighted to help my fellow engineers here on /.

General Chalupa

more than 14 years ago


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