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Nvidia Is Trying To Make an x86 Chip

GeorgeMcBay Re:What? (420 comments)

The x86 instruction set has evolved over time and it isn't that uncommon for modern apps (especially games and media apps, but also sometimes just run-of-the-mill desktop apps) to assume you have SSE extentions, at a minimum, and not offer a fallback if you don't. That makes a super-fast 386 very impractical for Joe Q Public running Windows and thus makes it not nearly worth the engineering effort required to produce such a chip.

They could possibly get away with a super fast 386 in the Open Source world where you can just recompile everything to your CPU's specs, but if that's the only market you want to hit and you're going to force recompiles, why bother with half-assed old x86 compatibility anyway? In that situation just make whatever instruction set you want, create a backend for the open source compilers and just do your best to keep things source code compatible with the x86 (eg. make it little endian, etc).

more than 5 years ago

Marketing On a .EDU Domain

GeorgeMcBay Re:The rules are not static (121 comments)

In this specific case, all Google has to do is look for, if true, reduce page rankings. Granted, this wouldn't scale if they were fighting against wide open abuse of edu domains, but that isn't happening now and is unlikely to happen due to the rules for getting an .edu (which this case shows can be circumvented, but doing so is still enough of a pain that it isn't something that is going to become widespread).

more than 6 years ago


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