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Mozilla Doubles Down on JPEG Encoding with mozjpeg 2.0

Gerald Re:Hard to get excited. (129 comments)

Most of the pages on my web sites have a combination of PNG and JPEG content and almost no video. Smaller images means faster page load times for my users.

about 2 months ago

ARIN Is Down To the Last /8 of IPv4 Addresses

Gerald Re:About time! (306 comments)

Depends on the ISP. You could create a Homeric epic from the things that Comcast does wrong but they seem to be doing a great job with their v6 deployment. T-Mobile is doing a pretty good job too.

about 5 months ago

CryptoPhone Sales Jump To 100,000+, Even at $3500

Gerald Re:No mention of... (68 comments)

How do we know this phone hasn't already been NSA 'approved'?

We don't, at least not with 100% certainty. I would think this applies to products from companies based outside the U.S. as well. Foreign intelligence is the NSA's primary mission, after all.

However, given that Blackphone was founded by a team from Silent Circle and Geeksphone chances are pretty good that the product works as advertised.

about 5 months ago

200-400 Gbps DDoS Attacks Are Now Normal

Gerald Re:Why not rate limit? (92 comments)

Most modern servers don't respond to the offending command (monlist) at all. Older/misconfigured servers are the problem and there are enough of them to cause trouble.

about 7 months ago

Hackers Sweep Up FTP Credentials For the New York Times, UNICEF and 7,000 Others

Gerald Re:vsftpd, anyone ? (51 comments)

vsftpd is great but it can't fix a terrible protocol.

about 7 months ago

Asus Announces Small Form Factor 'Chromebox' PCs

Gerald Re:SKU? (125 comments)

Stock keeping unit. Kind of like UUIDs for things you buy in stores. I take it you've never worked in retail?

(I don't care that you don't care. Others might.)

about 7 months ago

OpenBSD Looking At Funding Shortfall In 2014

Gerald Re:Ask Apple (277 comments)

Why not ask GitHub, Atlassian, and Gitorious as well? They each have a sizable dependency on SSH.

about 8 months ago

Linux Distributions Storing Wi-Fi Passwords In Plain Text

Gerald Re:FUD (341 comments) you're saying Linux needs something like the OS X Keychain?

about 9 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Portable High-Resolution External Displays?

Gerald Re:I recommend (141 comments)

They're called panniers. Some are specially made for laptops, or at least have compartments for them. They'd probably work well for a similar-sized monitor. (I'm assuming you weren't trying to make a smartass comment about biking to work.)

about a year ago

Multi-Server Microkernel OS Genode 12.11 Can Build Itself

Gerald Re:No plans for LLVM (102 comments) a really good dynamic analyzer. Again, not nearly the same.

about 2 years ago

Multi-Server Microkernel OS Genode 12.11 Can Build Itself

Gerald Re:No plans for LLVM (102 comments)

Because GCC doesn't have a static analyzer (you do analyze your code, right?) LLVM's analyzer (Clang's scan-build) is very good. Visual C++'s analyzer was crap a few releases ago but even it is getting better. I like GCC but it has a lot of catching up to do in this regard. And no, "-Wall" isn't nearly the same.

about 2 years ago

All of Nate Silver's State-Level Polling Predictions Proved True

Gerald Re:All? (576 comments)

The outstanding absentee ballots are from areas that lean Obama, which is why most places have at least unofficially called the state for Obama.

about 2 years ago

What Would a Post-Email World Look Like?

Gerald Re:If my work inbox is any indication... (314 comments)

We're talking about real email that's connected to the outside world here, not your Compuserve account.

more than 2 years ago

Free Desktop Software Development Dead In Windows 8

Gerald Re:Wait, what now? (462 comments)

Their C/C++ compiler is pretty good. Their static analyzer (which requires one of the full-frontal editions of Visual Studio) is crap compared to Clang's scan-build or cppcheck.

more than 2 years ago

Comcast To Remove Data Cap, Implement Tiered Pricing

Gerald Re:Most won't notice (329 comments)

Really now? When have you ever known a publicly held company to prioritize development and long term results, over short term profits.

Well, Comcast is doing that very thing right now. The company is an enigma. They're moving the state of the IPv6 art forward in a tangible way. Their business class service is great. Every salesperson and tech I've dealt with has been sharp, helpful and friendly. At the same time they throttle traffic, then deny that they're doing it. They maintain low (even at 300GB) caps. Their CPE quality (from DVRs to routers) is astoundingly awful (even business class).

more than 2 years ago



Tcpdump 4.0.0 + libpcap 1.0.0 released

Gerald Gerald writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Gerald writes "The tcpdump/libpcap project reached a major milestone yesterday with the release of tcpdump 4.0.0 and libpcap 1.0.0. Tcpdump is a command-line protocol analysis tool that ships by default on most Linux and UNIX systems. Libpcap is the library that powers many popular networking tools including Snort, Nmap, ntop, Wireshark, and dozens of others.

Congratulations to the tcpdump/libpcap team!"

Link to Original Source

Gerald Gerald writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Gerald writes "We are pleased to announce the availbility of Wireshark! Live! Helpdesk, a free, 24x7 support service for the Wireshark network protocol analyzer. Wireshark! Live! Helpdesk provides instant access to expert support for installation, general help, trace file analysis, or any other issue you may have with Wireshark.

Check it out now!"

Gerald Gerald writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Gerald writes "After the most recent Wireshark release a certain AV vendor's product started warning users that the installer contained adware. Since then, I've spent several hours verifying this isn't the case, trying to get the AV vendor to fix their stuff, and reassuring affected users that we do not ship adware with our product.

Unfortunately, this isn't an isolated case. I've had to do this several times over the past few years, and each incident uses up time that could have been better spent elsewhere. It's even worse for other projects. If you produce software, have you ever suffered collateral damage from AV false positives?"

Gerald Gerald writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Gerald writes "According to a post on the nmap-hackers mailing list early this morning, Myspace had GoDaddy shut down the entire domain. is run by Fyodor of Nmap fame and hosts many important security-related mailing list archives. This is an important service for the security community.

It looks like someone posted a list of Myspace usernames and passwords to one of the lists archived at Instead of contacting Fyodor directly about the problem, they contacted his DNS provider (GoDaddy) and had them shut down the entire domain."


Gerald has no journal entries.

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