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FBI Warns Industry of Chinese Cyber Campaign

GerardAtJob That's ok since... (106 comments)

Since the US does not need any warrant to hack in a remote computer (out of US), why Chinese should not hack into US server without warrant or warning??

It's legal isn't it ?

about a month ago

Ask Slashdot: PC-Based Oscilloscopes On a Microbudget?

GerardAtJob Re:XOScope (172 comments)

You'll need "" and please note : The sound card will be filtered to somewhere around 20Hz-20kHz. Read a lot and have fun. This will probably not be enough for all your needs, but it's a good start.

about 5 months ago

How long do your computer mice last?

GerardAtJob Re:Trackballin' (361 comments)

I was trackballin' too a few years ago with a big ugly trackball, and in each LAN party, my friends had jawdrops when seeing my frag count vs them in Q3 :D

When it broke, I did not get another (they were all small and not meant for gaming).

I'll go check the M570 :) Tx for the plug!

about a year ago

IDC: PC Shipments Decline Worse Than Forecasted, No Recovery Expected

GerardAtJob Re:Why replace what works? (393 comments)

My "old" Intel Core 2 @ 3.2Ghz can still run the latest game (not full details, but still run great!), why would I change?

+1 parent!

about a year ago

Software Patent Reform Stalls Thanks To IBM and Microsoft Lobbying

GerardAtJob Lobbying should be made illegal (239 comments)

A company is, in theory, like a person so it should not have more power than a normal citizen : Lobbying should be considered the same as bribing : ILLEGAL.

1 year,3 days

Robots: a Working Breed At the Dairy

GerardAtJob Re:Robot or ATV? (65 comments)

Don't worry, this feature is already included (The attachment is the robot itself)! (Just think of a bull charging at that thing XD)

1 year,8 days

Robots: a Working Breed At the Dairy

GerardAtJob Stealing a dog's job (65 comments)

A simple dog is enough for this job, so why??

1 year,8 days

Atlanta Man Shatters Coast-to-Coast Driving Record, Averaging 98MPH

GerardAtJob Re:Very Illegal (666 comments)

It's only to get a bribe from them...

1 year,22 days

F-Secure's Hypponen: The Internet Is a 'US Colony'

GerardAtJob Re:Eurotards are just jealous (263 comments)

2 legs, 2 arms, 2 hands and 2 feets...
Only one head...

We all sux dude.

1 year,29 days

Biological Clock Discovered That Measures Ages of Most Human Tissues

GerardAtJob Re:Children with progeria make results inconclusiv (70 comments)

The core discovery is nice, even if their problem isn't the there : Their clock is normal BUT their cells interpret it incorrectly, so the problem could be found elsewhere, like a bad clock multiplier when overclocking your PC (could result with it being slower or faster).

At least, now you know that the problem is not the "aging flag" itself, but something that's reading it.

about a year ago

RMS: How Much Surveillance Can Democracy Withstand?

GerardAtJob Surveillance should be applied to ... (264 comments)

Surveillance should be applied, 24/24, on each elected person FIRST, to make sure no corruption is done at this level.

Some police officers are now under such surveillance, and it help their works, and I just hope it'll go much more farther (Google Glass someone?)

We, citizens, should ALWAYS have the last words.

about a year ago

Adults Make Riskier, More Inconsistent Decisions As They Get Older, Study Finds

GerardAtJob Re:You reach a certain age and... (225 comments)

I'm pretty sure it's the exact opposite :

You take the same turn for 30 years now : YOU KNOW IT, so you optimize it a little bit (without thinking of course... it's a natural event here)... optimize it so much than it became inconsistent and risky... optimize it too much and... you know what I mean ;)

about a year ago



Borland finally sells its CodeGear tools division

GerardAtJob GerardAtJob writes  |  more than 6 years ago

GerardAtJob (1245980) writes "Borland Software has sold its CodeGear development tools division to Embarcadero Technologies for about $23 million, the companies said Wednesday. CodeGear sells the products that Borland used to be best known for — its JBuilder Java development tool, Delphi, and C++Builder. More recently, CodeGear has created development tools for PHP and Ruby."

Embarcadero Technologies to Acquire CodeGear

GerardAtJob GerardAtJob writes  |  more than 6 years ago

GerardAtJob (1245980) writes "The acquisition of CodeGear, Borland's Developer Tools Division, will create the world's largest, platform-independent software provider of database and application development tools. The combined company will offer customers the ability to better integrate their database and application development processes, making it easier to design, develop, manage and optimize heterogeneous applications and their databases. More here: and here : Perhaps Delphi won't die after all..."


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