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German Domain Registrar Liable For Copyright Infringement

GiantRobotMonster Re:on topic (164 comments)

of course the guy that put up the street signs and the house numbers are responsible for what goes on inside the buildings; makes perfect sense to me.

Also, fuck beta.

about a year ago

German Domain Registrar Liable For Copyright Infringement

GiantRobotMonster Re:In before Fuck Beta (164 comments)

They've basically written off slashdot as worthless

Should be cheap to buy it off them, then!

about a year ago

Second World War Code-cracking Computing Hero Colossus Turns 70

GiantRobotMonster If it aint broke, don't fix it (110 comments)

The Nazis would've won if the Allies used Colossus Beta.

Beta Sucks Hilter's Balls.

about a year ago

Schiller Says Apple Is the Last PC Maker From the Mac Era, Forgets About HP

GiantRobotMonster Re:And IBM (474 comments)

Yep, Sadly the current Atari is simply Infogrames rebadged.
Infogrames bought the name, trademarks, and other IP.

about a year ago

Hubble Telescope Snaps Images of Tarantula Nebula

GiantRobotMonster Re:Source link (32 comments)

Thanks for the link -- the space.com images are very low resolution (even when you click on the "full size image" link); the real images are MUCH better!

1 year,12 days

Tech Companies Set To Appeal 2012 Oracle Vs. Google Ruling

GiantRobotMonster Re:When you count from 1 to 10, do you stop at 9? (198 comments)

Yes, this type of inaccurate naming is a common practice -- it does not make it a good one.

Any programmer working for me that writes "toIndex" and actually means "uptoButNotIncludingIndex" will be instructed to write what they mean, not what they can be bothered to type.

To not do so makes the code unnecessarily cryptic, and is the cause of many bugs.

I recently came across a flag that had been named "mustDoX", which actually meant "canDoX". If I believed the meaning of the name, the code was wrong. Turned out the name was wrong. Getting this sort of thing right is really important. If you're happy to have names that are "conveniently" related to English, rather than "accurate", the resulting source is poor, deserving the moniker "code". Good quality source does is not "code" to be decrypted!

about a year ago

Tech Companies Set To Appeal 2012 Oracle Vs. Google Ruling

GiantRobotMonster Re:When you count from 1 to 10, do you stop at 9? (198 comments)

The code might be "correct" but the terminology used in its interface does not match what the code does.
Abusing the English language because its too hard to come up with unambiguous accurate descriptors makes for lousy code.
Just because there are loads of APIs that follow this pattern doesn't make them right, if they are using words that mean something else entirely.
There's nothing wrong with the "last exclusive one" pattern, but you need to make it obvious in your choice of words that this is what is intended.
There are a loads of APIs that have misleading interfaces.
Take STL's std::numeric_limits<int>::min() -- returns the minimum value representable by an int, a negative value.
What do you think std::numeric_limits<float>::min() returns? Surprisingly, it is not negative. Misleading junk!

about a year ago

Tech Companies Set To Appeal 2012 Oracle Vs. Google Ruling

GiantRobotMonster When you count from 1 to 10, do you stop at 9? (198 comments)

From the TFA:

private static void rangeCheck(int arrayLen, int fromIndex, int toIndex) {
        if (fromIndex > toIndex)
                    throw new IllegalArgumentException( "fromIndex(" + fromIndex + ") > toIndex(" + toIndex+")" );
          if (fromIndex < 0)
                    throw new ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException(fromIndex);
          if (toIndex > arrayLen)
                    throw new ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException(toIndex);

This is crap. Either 'toIndex' actually means 'onePastToIndex', or the final if test should be if (toIndex >= arrayLen) .
Try calling this function with arrayLen=10, fromIndex=1, toIndex=10 -- no exception, despite the zero-based array's last element being index 9.
If you ask somebody to count from 1 to 10, do they stop at 9?
If you see the following prototype: int randomValue( int fromValue, int toValue), what is the highest value you would expect could be returned?

Identifiers should be named accurately! Bad identifiers like this make code unnecessarily difficult to read, and makes it easier for bugs to go unnoticed.

If the allegation is that Google copied this code, and they've replicated the bad names along with the trivial algorithm, it does seem likely they authored their version via cut & paste...

about a year ago

Intel's 128MB L4 Cache May Be Coming To Broadwell and Other Future CPUs

GiantRobotMonster Re:Half the speed of main memory? Why Bother? (110 comments)

Oh please! It should be twice the speed if it has half the latency, not half the speed. Speed and latency are related, but not interchangeable synonyms!
If a cache has "half the speed" of your uncached memory, you need to disable that cache ASAP!

about a year ago

Intel's 128MB L4 Cache May Be Coming To Broadwell and Other Future CPUs

GiantRobotMonster Half the speed of main memory? Why Bother? (110 comments)

At 1.6GHz, L4 latencies are 50-60ns which is significantly higher than the L3 but just half the speed of main memory.

Hmmm. L4 cache runs at half the speed of main memory? That doesn't seem right Why bother reading these summaries? The people posting them certainly don't

about a year ago

Microsoft Donates Windows 8.1 To Nonprofit Organizations

GiantRobotMonster Re:that's just evil (224 comments)

Reminds me of the old Goodies' joke: First prize is dinner with X; Second prize is TWO dinners with X

about a year ago

Japanese Researchers Build Rock-paper-scissors Robot That Wins 100% of the Time

GiantRobotMonster Re:Posted by Soulskill on Tuesday June 26, 2012 @1 (114 comments)

I dutifully flagged this as a dupe in the firehose before it made it to the front page. Lot of good it did!

about a year ago

Microsoft Patents Virtual Handshakes, Hugs

GiantRobotMonster Re:This should not be patentable. (87 comments)

If we all ignore them, wont they go away?

Anybody know an easy way to get Slashdot to filter out *all* patent related stories? They are always ridiculous, even when they're accurate!

I had enough of this crap when I wasn't allowed to make a protocol I was implementing work as efficiently as it could, because Motorola had a patent on the concept of "Pardon? Could you repeat yourself please?" in this particular context. Utterly freaking ridiculous.

The current patent system does not encourage innovation -- it encourages taking out patents.

Hint -- follow the money.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Make a DVD-Rental Store More Relevant?

GiantRobotMonster DVD rental always sucked - long live the VCR (547 comments)

I remember trying DVD rentals when these shiny new DVD thingies came out.
Trouble was, 1/3 of the movies I rented were ruined due to the discs being scratched to death.
In my experience VHS tape survives typical renter mistreatment a lot better than optical discs.
Not to mention all the unskippable shit. I presume there are now DVD players that ignore the 'do not skip' flag. Ugh.
DVD rental stores drove me away long ago.

Maybe your friend should try renting movies on VHS, and don't forget betamax!
DVDs are cheap and plentiful, whereas new release movies on betamax are hard to come by.
Supply and demand, you see. Now all you need to do is convince people that watching movies stored on magnetic tape is really the only way to truly enjoy them.

Magnetic tape? What am I thinking!? Your friend should rent out the latest release movies on spools of film.

You also get to rent out the projectors, screens, piano-players, etc, that you need, remembering that all of this is a loss-leader to sell organic popcorn.

more than 2 years ago

Australia Scales Back Internet Blacklist, Nixes Full-Scale Censorship

GiantRobotMonster Dont forget their plans for mandatory logging (51 comments)

While this seems like a small victory for common sense, don't forget that Conroy wants the ISPs to store years of traffic for every customer.
Rather than prevent a site from working (via blocking against a secret government list), they want to be silently collecting "evidence" instead.

more than 2 years ago

Our Weather Satellites Are Dying

GiantRobotMonster Weather control satellite? (193 comments)

A proper weather satellite would control the weather, rather than simply observe it.
Then I could write my name in snow, across an entire continent.

more than 2 years ago



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