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Vint Cerf, BP vs. IP Protocol and What NASA Has To Do With It (deep tech dive)

GinaSmith888 GinaSmith888 writes  |  about 2 years ago

GinaSmith888 writes "Forget talk about testing DTN tech in space. This is a deep dive on the BP protocol Vint Cerf developed that is the heart of that and plans for the so-called Interplanetary Internet"
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obama tweets on winning, minute after 270 electoral votes counting, socialpower

GinaSmith888 GinaSmith888 writes  |  about 2 years ago

GinaSmith888 (2716205) writes "One minute after we saw the AP count the electoral college votes on Twitter — giving U.S. president Obama the 270 he needed to win — Obama or someone from his camp tweeted Four More Years. Social networking and outreach made this election."
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Intellectual Ventures: Investigating Itself So YOU Don't Have To?

GinaSmith888 GinaSmith888 writes  |  about 2 years ago

GinaSmith888 writes "Everyone ran the press release this a.m. of a Berkeley company raising money to OUT famed patent troll Intellectual Ventures via indiegogo — but no one seemed to notice that its founder, Irving Rappaport, is named on an Intellectual Ventures patent and held the same job at Intel as IV founder Detkin. Coincidence? Disgruntled IV partner? Or is Intellectual Ventures investigating itself so the press doesn't have to? Awaiting comment. Here are all the facts. Add them up ..."
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Apple Threatens Android Jellybean and Galaxy Note, Samsung Threatens iPhone 5

GinaSmith888 GinaSmith888 writes  |  about 2 years ago

GinaSmith888 writes "Samsung pulled a fast one on reporters today, issuing a release saying it filed a court doc promising Samsung will try to stop Apple iPhone 5 sales. It neglected to mention that in the same doc, included in this story, Apple said it plans to go after Android Jellybean, too ... sounds nasty, but escalation like this during the continuing settlement talks might signal a settlement is near. Here's why."
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