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Super Scrabble Players Have Unusual Brains

GlenMac Causation? (142 comments)

Is being a competitive scrabble player causing the brain to warp? Or is having this 'warped' brain a general advantage to becoming a competitive scrabble player?

more than 3 years ago

Memory Checker Tools For C++?

GlenMac Fortify (398 comments)

I don't know if you've used or seen fortify but I found it a wonderful tool to not warn and resolve memory issues in C++.

It is very fast, compiles switches into nothing and incredibly helpful.

-- Snip
Fortify is a powerful C++ debugging aid. Detects and pinpoints memory related bugs. It supports alloc/calloc/realloc/strdup/free and new/delete. It traps memory leaks, writes beyond and before memory blocks, writes to freed memory, free twice, freeing memory never allocated, and removes all randomness from reading uninitialized or free memory.

more than 7 years ago


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