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Google's $30,000,000 Lunar X PRIZE

Gnpatton Re:Self serving (217 comments)

Of course Google wants people to land on the moon, they're desperate to find employees for their lunar campus.
Too bad that page is a parody. I would sign up for a job on the moon in a heartbeat. Maybe it isn't a parody, it is google we are talking about after all?

more than 7 years ago



Gnpatton Gnpatton writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Gnpatton writes "Kotaku is reporting that video game developer Cryptic Studios announced today at OGDC that it is turning to Open Source and is releasing its Animation Rig under the GPL. Speaking to Kotaku Shayne Herrera said, 'Our goal is to foster a community of animators by providing them the power to generate animations without having to worry about supporting a toolset. Since we were already developing the rig for our core technology team, we decided to release it to the public under the GNU GPL.' It seems that more and more companies are turning to open source. With this move from Cryptic Studios and other video game companies, could more video game developers benefit from open source?"


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