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Even In the Wild Mice Run In Wheels

GoJays Constant stream (122 comments)

This wheel produced a constant stream of wildlife. Based on 200 000 animals, over 3 years, that works out to 7 animals an hour, or one every 8 minutes and 30 seconds, assuming it is in use 24 hours a day.

So why don't exterminators use a wheel to get rid of mice infestations? Create a box, which has a upper container for the wheel, when the wheel does a full rotation, the wheel floor drops away dropping the mouse into a lower level. Which can then be removed with the trapped mice.

about 2 months ago

How much use would you get from a 1 gigabit internet connection?

GoJays Upload! We want Upload! (224 comments)

My download is currently 25mbit, which is fine for me 90% of the time. There is the odd time I max out the connection, so let's say 40mbit down would be perfect. Although it isn't the download that drives me crazy it is the upload. I currently get 5mbit up, which is crap for my home Synology NAS. Pictures are fine, audio is fine... but if I want to stream any videos, like home videos of my daughter to my parents on my phone, it just doesn't play smoothly, and if I want to copy it to their computer, it takes a good chunk of time, and renders any other connection to the NAS useless.

I understand not everybody needs upload capabilities, it would just be nice if the ISP had an "upload add-on package" or something where you can add upload speed at say an extra $10 a month. Currently for more money your download increases exponentially while your upload lags behind with increments of 1.5mb.

Just give me upload dammit!

about 4 months ago

Your Car Will Tell You How To Hit the Next Green Light

GoJays Re:Its called paying attention (364 comments)

I like a system I saw in Mexico and I've heard exists elsewhere, where the green light flashes for a few seconds before turning yellow. Requires no extra signage, still gets the point across and makes for safer intersections.

A green flashing light is an advanced green here in Canada, if there is no "green arrow" indicating so.

about 5 months ago

Low-Protein Diet May Extend Lifespan

GoJays Protein isn't the problem. (459 comments)

Eat well balanced and in moderation and you'll be fine. The most harmful things in your diet are sugar, (sucralose and fructose) salt and processed foods.
Protein is needed for the retention and development of muscle. Eliminating it while keeping your sugar intake high is a recipe for type 2 diabetes, heart disease and living a life of obesity.

about 6 months ago

"Microsoft Killed My Pappy"

GoJays Re:Interesting (742 comments)

I would rather Slashdot like it is 1999, than deal with Beta.

Fuck Beta!

about 6 months ago

Steve Jobs To Appear On US Postage Stamp

GoJays Re:Dennis Ritchie instead! (184 comments)

I agree, Dennis should have a stamp long before Jobs... He won't though because the average person doesn't know who Dennis Ritchie is while everybody knows who Steve Jobs is.

about 6 months ago

Microsoft Rumored To Integrate Android Apps

GoJays Year of.... (189 comments)

2014 is the year of the Windows Phone! It will happen!

about 6 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Easy, Open Source Desktop-Sharing Software?

GoJays (116 comments)

It is free, no account necessary and does what you need. It is web browser based so it doesn't matter what OS you are on.

about 10 months ago

Your preferred Linux distribution for 2013?

GoJays openSUSE (627 comments)

I've been on the Opensuse/SuSE/S.U.S.E bandwagon since 2003. It works for me, and have no plans on leaving.

The only time I really was close to switching distro's was back when KDE 4.0 was released in version 11. It was a train wreak. KDE4 has really improved since that time fortunately.

1 year,11 days

Researchers Develop New Trap To Capture Bloodsucking Bed Bugs

GoJays My experience (141 comments)

As having gone through a bedbug infestation. It is not pretty. It makes you paranoid, you see a spec of dirt on the floor and you swear it is a bed bug and your heart skips a beat. You get an itch while in bed, you think you have been bitten, you rip off the covers, and start searching.... this continues for MONTHS after the infestation is gone. I woke up many times to find my girlfriends on her hands and knees with a flashlight checking the baseboards, and drawers at 3am. The mental aspect of the infestation is much worse than physical.

So how did we get rid of them? We tried various techniques. Encasing our mattress/boxspring and pillows in bedbug proof cases. Putting the legs of the bed in bowls of water. Spraying multiple times, sweeping constantly. The spraying did reduce the numbers, but didn't eliminate them totally. The final nail in the coffin for them was going out and buying a clothes steamer, and steaming the mattress, boxspring, pillows, baseboards, and any other hiding spots in the bedroom. They have to be heated to a certain temperature (can't recall the exact temp at the moment) in order to kill the adults and eggs. So it was a very slow process to make sure they were cooked by the steam. We repeated this process every other day for over a week. At the same time we washed our bed sheets and clothes... ALL OF THEM, even ones we rarely wore and were still clean.

Of course we were paranoid that there were still eggs, waiting to hatch that we had missed... and we were just waiting for that second outbreak. Lucky for us it never came.

1 year,13 days

Dropbox Wants To Replace Your Hard Disk

GoJays Make your own Dropbox (445 comments)

I purchased a Synology NAS and it creates my own "cloud storage" that I own...It cost me $400, plus $150 for a 3TB drive, I have another bay in the NAS which I will in turn into a 6TB RAID when the time comes (don't need that much space yet). I am not sure on dropbox's plans... but in the long run my solution is much cheaper for price per GB. AND..... I don't have to worry about somebody else owning my data, or my information being sold to 3rd parties or my data being lost due a company no longer existing. I can access my data anywhere... on my phone, any computer, and it is stored at MY HOUSE. It even backs up my machines to an external hard disk once a week, (no such thing as too much redundancy at the cost per GB of HD's these days) I can also stream my movies/audio to any of my devices, does dropbox offer that?

about a year ago

Dell's New X18: 5 Pounds, 18 Inches

GoJays Underpowered (138 comments)

I ordered a XPS 18 at launch to use to demo our website at a trade show. It was ordered because it was the largest screen "tablet" in production. At 5 pounds with an 18 inch screen expectations were high for the device. However on testing, the machine is very under powered. The i5 processor runs at 1.8Ghz, it is advertised to run "up to" 3.2Ghz and doesn't list base speed, and we upgraded to 8GB of RAM. The hard drive is advertised to have SSD available, however it is only really a boot drive, anything installed is run off of a traditional 5400 RPM drive. The battery life was average at best, 4 hours with moderate use.

We were using the tablet to demo our website, since a solid wifi signal or internet connectivity is not guaranteed at these types of shows, we have to rely on a VM running a LAMP server on the computer. Even with only a CLI version of CentOS running using 1GB of ram, and minimal processing specs, it caused the system to run at a crawl. It was painful and very disappointing. Needless to say, we returned the machine and went with the Lenovo Yoga 13 IdeaPad instead, and it did the job.

about a year ago

BlackBerry 10 Can BBM Anything You're Watching, Even Porn

GoJays (104 comments)

It is an option, so you can turn it off. And if you really want to share what you are listening to, there are better options out there, such as Which keeps track of all your statistical information, recommends new bands, events, album releases and finds users who have similar tastes.

about a year ago

OpenSUSE 12.3 Is Out

GoJays Re:Favorite Distro (62 comments)

I had some issues with 12.2, so couldn't wait to upgrade to 12.3. But you are right, 12.x has been good for the most part. Another solid release was 11.3, because KDE 4 was then starting to mature. 11.0 was horrible, KDE4 was not ready for the spotlight and was very buggy.

My upgrade went fine except for the usual video driver nonsense. I think I have yet to have an upgrade where X doesn't crash on first boot due to the nVidia driver. After manually reinstalling the nVidia driver, replacing my /etc/X11/xorg.conf file and reconfiguring my dual monitors, all is fine. I have yet to play around with 12.3. Will later tonight.

about a year and a half ago

Samsung Sets New Guidelines For Alcoholic Beverages

GoJays Soju (137 comments)

No mention of Soju being banned, so all is good...

about a year and a half ago

Why Facebook Is Stressing You Out

GoJays Google+ (227 comments)

You can easily relieve this stress by using Google+ instead of Facebook. On Google+ you can setup said 7 circles without any problem, and drag each friend to the appropriate share group. I am aware Facebook is capable of doing the same, but it is not nearly as easy. For Example, I have Friends, Family, Coworkers, Acquaintances, Following and Public. I then can share whatever, with the appropriate group and not have to worry about the level of censorship.

about a year and a half ago



Charge your cellphone in 20 seconds

GoJays GoJays writes  |  about a year ago

GoJays (1793832) writes "An 18 year old from Saratoga California has won an international science fair for creating an energy storage device that can be fully juiced in 20 to 30 seconds.
The fast-charging device is a so-called supercapacitor, a gizmo that can pack a lot of energy into a tiny space, charges quickly and holds its charge for a long time.
What's more, it can last for 10,000 charge-recharge cycles, compared with 1,000 cycles for conventional rechargeable batteries, according to the inventor Eesha Khare."

Link to Original Source


GoJays has no journal entries.

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