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NYT Editorial Slams ISPs Over Online Freedom

GoMMiX Re:No kidding? (127 comments)

My question is - what the hell do we have TRADE AGREEMENTS with China for. They want to make it illegal for companies to produce this information to these governments, but this government itself is catering heavily to countries with low wage labor, like China. Pass that law, and let's throw some politicians in jail for treason while we are at it.

You remember that whole toothpaste fiasco from China? They EXECUTED the official responsible for letting that slip by. Not fined, jailed, or sentenced to community service for not 'catching' pad product being exported - they ended his life. You know how much press that got in the US? Dick. Why? Because people and politicians don't WANT to recognize what we are supporting by doing business over there (not to mention the MILLIONS of factory jobs we've shipped off - GFG - wonder who THAT makes rich, aye?)

The irony of it all is, even the people of the countries we setup these trade agreements with don't want them. Wonder why.....

more than 7 years ago



GoMMiX GoMMiX writes  |  more than 7 years ago

GoMMiX (748510) writes "According to an article on CNET, a teacher in Norwich, Conn. has been convicted of four counts of risk of injury to a minor because of pornographic images that popped up on her classroom computer.

From the article: "A substitute teacher in Norwich, Conn., faces up to 40 years in prison because of pornographic images that popped up on her classroom computer in 2004. Several students at Kelly Middle School in Norwich saw the images appear."

According to defense expert W. Herbert Hornet, "We analyzed the activity log and noted that there were spyware/adware programs installed on the hard drive."

""If there is an appeal and the defense is allowed to show the entire results of the forensic examination in front of experienced computer people, including a computer literate judge and prosecutor, Julie Amero will walk out of the court room as a free person."

Stories like this beg the question, when are the courts accountable for such gross negligance?

Mr. Herb Horner has also created a blog with more details on the case."


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