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What Keeps You On (or Off) Windows in 2013?

Goodyob Might as well put in my two cents too (1215 comments)

For quite a while I used to dual-boot between Windows 7 and whatever the distro-of-the-month was for me during that particular time, I had to stop though because it became a mess to manage files between the two after a while. The only thing still keeping me on Windows is just a handful of the games I play, everything else I ever do on the PC can be done better in Linux. In contrast to what a lot of other people said here, I'm actually more satisfied with the drivers on Linux than those on Windows, but that's probably because I never had graphics issues since I have Intel integrated graphics instead of a proper dedicated graphics card. For example, a really old scanner that I have works just fine in 64-bit Linux, but absolutely refuses to function in 64-bit Windows. As for other tasks, most of the non-game programs I use on Windows either started on Linux or have Linux ports (LibreOffice, Transmission), and of course programming in Linux is a lot easier than in Windows thanks to gcc being built-in.

As for games, 2/3 of the ones I play have either been ported to Linux because of Steam for Linux (such as Team Fortress 2) or work just fine under Wine (Darkest Hour, Starcraft 1). However, the Steam ports don't seem to be working for me since I have Ironlake graphics and not the newere Ivy Bridge / Sandy Bridge chips, and since I'm on a laptop and have a tight budget at the moment, an upgrade is out of the question for the time being. That is the only thing keeping me from switching.

about a year ago

The Amazon Rainforest Wants Its TLD Back From

Goodyob Re:Hahahahahahahaha Muahaha (186 comments)

More often than you think, actually. ".me" is having a lot of use, along with some dot coms adopting weird URL's to shorten their default ones for share links (Youtube becomes, Twitter uses (I think)). What you are thinking of is most likely, those are the ones with all the spammers usually

about a year ago

Stolen Laptop Owner Outwits Mugger, Police, and the Media

Goodyob Re:Question for the Editors (272 comments)

Evangelion black and white and blue and white and the other hand I am not sure if you can see the light of the most part of my favorite things.

about a year ago

Stolen Laptop Owner Outwits Mugger, Police, and the Media

Goodyob Re:Huh? (272 comments)

I'm dying XD

about a year ago

Why PC Sales Are Declining

Goodyob I sure do love assumptions! (564 comments)

PC makers probably didn’t mean for that to happen, but there you have it. They're a victim of unplanned non-obsolescence.

Oh, okay, but then how do you explain my laptop not being able to run the latest games after only 2 years of service? (I bought it right before Sandy Bridge came out)

Also, there have been way too many articles on this topic lately. It's almost how about a year ago every second article had something to do with cloud computing...

about a year and a half ago

Windows 8 Killing PC Sales

Goodyob Re:Win8 Experience (1010 comments)

Seems like all your complaints go back to the start menu. Have you heard about start menu replacement programs such as Start8 or Classic Start? As for my complaints about Windows 8, apart from the start menu which can be fixed through third-party utilities, what angered me the most is UI inconsistencies (2 control panels? Really?). I also thought it was a bit silly how you have to login with your Live account to use apps... actually, apps on a desktop PC are pretty silly to begin with.

about a year and a half ago

Windows 8 Killing PC Sales

Goodyob Mobile computing replacing regular computing? (1010 comments)

"This is horrific news for PCs," said BGC Financial analyst Colin Gillis. "It's all about mobile computing now. We have definitely reached the tipping point."

Call me back when a tablet can run my TF2 flawlessly and when I can upgrade it by changing parts instead of buying an entirely new tablet. How many times are they gonna call the PC market dead before they realize how essential the PC market is?

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Mac To Linux Return Flow?

Goodyob Re:Windows 7 (965 comments)

OpenBox maybe?

about a year and a half ago

What's In Steve Ballmer's Inbox?

Goodyob Re:Windoh's 8 (93 comments)

All these puns! Someone needs to take a

about a year and a half ago

Running a Linux Live KDE Desktop In 210MB

Goodyob This isn't news (106 comments)

it's just propagating a distro. But if you want to talk about small distros, I'm gonna suggest Puppy for its usability in a pinch at just under 160 MB

about a year and a half ago

Darling: Run Apple OS X Binaries On Linux

Goodyob Re:wine (255 comments)

You can run even the latest and greatest Windows versions of Steam games via playonlinux

Enjoy your one frame per second!

about 2 years ago

Julian Assange: "Online Totalitarianism Is Near, Entire Nations Are Intercepted"

Goodyob Re:I am not defending the USA (325 comments)

the biases they have are generally not shared by the mainstream US media.

Of course they don't, have you SEEN how much RT bashes the US?

about 2 years ago

Windows Blue: Microsoft's Plan To Release a New Version of Windows Every Year

Goodyob Re:This is a good thing (712 comments)

Too bad Canonical is also trying for a slice of the already stuffed tablet and mobile market (face it, that's where the Unity interface has been headed)

You mean GNOME3, right? That was made with tablets in mind, all Unity did was expand on the concept by adding unnecessary features.

about 2 years ago

Ask Richard Stallman Anything

Goodyob Steam on GNU/Linux (573 comments)

Dear Richard Stallman, do you think that the benefits of porting Steam to GNU/Linux, such as getting more people to switch to a free OS, outweigh the negative effects, such as having DRM on GNU/Linux?

about 2 years ago

GIF Becomes Word of the Year 2012

Goodyob Re:But but but.... (315 comments)

You might want to check your PC clock. I think the battery died.

I guess some of us didn't survive Y2K then

about 2 years ago


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