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Monster Black Hole Busts Theory

Goosey Re:Supermassive black holes (248 comments)


There are different categories of Black Holes. The very wikipedia article you linked to mentioned this in the 'Formation' Section:

  - Black holes of this size can form in several ways. The most obvious is by slow accretion of matter (starting from a black hole of stellar size).

TFA refers to an unexpected size for a Stellar-class Black Hole.

about 7 years ago



Goosey Goosey writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Goosey writes "With the major purchases of a new HDTV, HTPC, and gaming PC setup in the near future the thought occurred that I could combine my needs (and save some money) by putting high end hardware in the HTPC and using the it with the HDTV for gaming. Big screen gaming sounds like a dream come true, but having never done any PC gaming outside of a computer desk some concerns do pop up. What little information I could find has been pretty lacking, so I ask: do any slashdotters have experience with PC gaming in the living room? Is it a viable option using a large HDTV with 1080p native resolution or does the large view distance make the experience unbearable? Is text unreadable without inducing eye strain? Are there any mouse/keyboard solutions suitable for use on the couch?"


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