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Sam Lake on Video Game Storytelling

GotSpider Look at some of the most famous games... (314 comments)

Not all of them need awesome storylines to have great playability:

Zelda: Guy has girl, Guy loses Girl. Guy must find Girl.
Mario: Guy has girl, Guy loses Girl. Guy must find Girl.
Gauntlet: Shoot stuff. Shoot stuff. Shoot stuff. Archer needs food. Shoot stuff. Shoot stuff.

What about games with ridiculous "stories" like:

Pac-Man: What story is there here? Yellow dot eats little dots, runs away from colored ghosts.
Asteroid: White triangle shoots at lined objects with a line.

Not all great games need amazing storylines, although they can certainly help matters (Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Max Payne).

more than 10 years ago


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GotSpider GotSpider writes  |  more than 11 years ago So this is my slashdot account. I finally got around to getting myself an account after I only just lurked in the comment threads and checked out the articles. How can anyone who is techincally oriented not heard of /., or at least visit and read the site occasionally? So now I can lurk... just with an account.

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