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eSports Starting To Go Mainstream

GrBear eSports (116 comments)

The 21st. century version of the Special Olympics.

about a week ago

Google To Stop Describing Games With In-App Purchases As 'Free'

GrBear Worse yet.. (139 comments)

Worse yet are PAID apps that have in-app purchases. Companies double-dipping piss me off to no end. Either make your app free with in-app purchases, or sell it to me without extra charges later.

about two weeks ago

Slashdot Asks: Do You Want a Smart Watch?

GrBear Future Tech (381 comments)

No, because I don't want to wear a watch type accessory.

When technology gets to the point where I can have it safely embedded under my skin, use it to make calls, and runs off body energy, that's when I'll consider getting one.

about three weeks ago

3-D Printing with Molten Steel (Video)

GrBear Yarrr! (104 comments)

Does this mean I can finally download a car?

about a month and a half ago

To distress my enemies, I'd force on them ...

GrBear Re:Javascript-requiring content (199 comments)

Now if I could just figure out how to disable comments on /.

about 2 months ago

LA Police Officers Suspected of Tampering With Their Monitoring Systems

GrBear Abuse? Doubtful (322 comments)

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

Working with police officers regularly, there's a joke that goes around that goes like this.

Put a cop naked in a padded room with two steel ball bearings. Go back after an hour, one ball bearing will be broken and the other will be missing.

about 4 months ago

Microsoft: Start Menu Returns, Windows Free For Small Device OEMs, Cortana Beta

GrBear Re:Big deal. (387 comments)

3.) Metro programs can't run in a window. This makes them inconvenient for multitasking, which is common for desktop users but not for tablet users.

Wait, what?

You should tell that to Stardock..

about 4 months ago

Getting Misogyny, Racism and Homophobia Out of Gaming

GrBear Re:Yet more pussification of America (704 comments)

Why? Is the USA afraid they may lose they're stereotyped title as the world's bullies?

about 4 months ago

Microsoft Confirms Windows 8.1 Spring Update, To Focus On Non-touch Devices

GrBear Best use for Windows 8.. (172 comments)

The best use of a Windows 8 license is to downgrade to Windows 7.

about 5 months ago

ICANN's Cozy Relationship With the US Must End, Says EU

GrBear Re:The winner! [Re:Lost cause] (193 comments)

They said they've given up on the Internet, not they've given up USING the Internet.

about 6 months ago

Adobe's New Ebook DRM Will Leave Existing Users Out In the Cold Come July

GrBear Re:Working Just the Way it was Supposed to... (304 comments)

And this is the exact reason why when I buy an ebook, the first thing I do is stip out the DRM.

about 6 months ago

Largest-Yet EVE Online Battle Destroys $200,000 Worth of Starships

GrBear Re:Tried getting into EVE but.. (463 comments)

I was going by what EVEMON said for my character *shrugs*

about 6 months ago

Largest-Yet EVE Online Battle Destroys $200,000 Worth of Starships

GrBear Tried getting into EVE but.. (463 comments)

I quickly discovered how big of a time sink it could be.

To fly a Cheetah coverts op ship, my character requires 302 days of 24/7 training to meet all the necessary requirements. And this wasn't even an uber ship at that!

I mean, thankfully you don't have to be online for your character to train, but come on.. who plans their MMO for the next year's worth of gameplay?

about 6 months ago

How would you use science to innovate upon sports?

GrBear Running Man (253 comments)

Wake me up when Running Man becomes a thing, then I'll think about watching sports.

about 7 months ago

Windows 9 Already? Apparently, Yes.

GrBear Re:Gaming Edition, Business Edition (1009 comments)

Why would you want to get a SteamBox and cut down the number of games your computer can play?

about 7 months ago

Congressman Accepts BitCoin For His US Senate Run

GrBear Dogecoins (165 comments)

Might as well just donate to them in dogecoins, since they're all just bitches of corporations and special interest groups.

about 7 months ago

USA Today Names Edward Snowden Tech Person of the Year

GrBear Re:I remember when... (228 comments)

Back in my day, the *Russian* spooks defected *to* the *USA*.

... and given jobs at the NSA bringing their expertise.

about 7 months ago

Microsoft's Ticking Time Bomb Is Windows XP

GrBear Re:The craptastic Windows 8 is Microsoft's time bo (829 comments)

The problem is that you can't upgrade to Windows 7 anymore.

I wish I had mod points left, so instead I'll comment.

I don't know where you get your information, but it's wrong. You can downgrade to Win7 if you bought a Win8 machine with your Win8 license code (just get a copy of an OEM Win7 disc). You can also still buy Win7 OEM from stores.

Parent's post should have been modded up insightful, because it's FUD.

about 7 months ago

Why Cloud Infrastructure Pricing Is Absurd

GrBear DigitalOcean (191 comments)

So far, I've yet to find ANY pricing that beats my VPS provider, DigitalOcean... Google included.

about 8 months ago

More Students Learn CS In 3 Days Than Past 100 Years

GrBear Words.. (287 comments)

Words.. the summary is missing some.

about 8 months ago


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