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The Ultimate Phone/PDA?

Granamere Re:Bluetooth (186 comments)

I agree they are different. If there was a standard for this we could connect everything on the same network. Fine a PDA could only connect into the network from 10 feet away and get 1/100 the speed or something like that that would be fine with me. It would be something like the 10/100/1000 networking standard we have today. The copper standards are different but I can take a machine with one of those cards and connect into any netowrk. If you only have a 10 meg hub fine I am slowed to that speed but when I can connect into a 1000 meg switch look how I fly. Just an idea.

more than 11 years ago


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New website just launched. www.starvinggeek.com.

Granamere Granamere writes  |  more than 11 years ago

A new website for the unemployed IT worker just launched last week. The creator of the site is asking for the IT community to come help make it a better site. The creator is not a web designer or programmer so he needs help. If you have any ideas at all please send them in. Also if you would like to be the featured geek of the week send in a copy of your resume and a picture if you have one.


Are you amongst the ranks of the IT unemployed? Me too! I've designed this site as an all in one resource designed by an unemployed IT pro for others who have found themselves in the same situation. I'm proud to announce that as of 04/26/2002 I am officially online and offering a wide variety of information, articles, links, etc. that people of our ranks find most useful from day to day. Please browse around the site and help me improve by sending your suggestions to submissions@starvinggeek.com.

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