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DHS To Grab Biometric Data From Green Card Holders

Gray Why trust Canadians? (248 comments)

It is ironic to me that the US insists on fingerprinting green card holding permanent residents and UK citizens who went to Iraq; yet my Canadian fingers, who've never sworn any kind of allegiance to the US, or fought in the desert, get in no sweat. What is with that?

more than 6 years ago

Laptops Can Be Searched At the Border

Gray Could be worse. (821 comments)

If I ever want to move sekret data over the US border, that absolute last thing I'd think to use was a laptop.

There is this invention called The Internet which lets you move gigs and gigs of data into and out of the USA with excellent public key encryption. You can even store the data encrypted in the US and access it from from your secret pirate island with complete safely no problem.

If only moving drugs around was so easy.

Other then slowing down the border that much more, I can't imagine catching anybody with a clue.

more than 6 years ago



Gray Gray writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Gray (5042) writes "École Secondaire Mont-Bleu has banned all personal electronic devices and suspended two 13-year-old girls after one uploaded to YouTube a camera phone video of their teacher yelling at the other. After the video was posted on the popular internet video site, the teacher was so embarrassed that he stayed home from work, where he remains on stress leave. The teachers' union is now trying to get all personal electronic devices banned from all schools in Western Quebec. Abdu Mansouri, a spokesman for the teachers' union is quoted stating, "The teacher will be the master of his class — a closed class and confidential." Is this the right approach to take on what is bound to be increasingly an issue as digital cameras become more and more ubiquitous?"


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