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"Bear" Robot to Rescue Wounded Troops

GregBryant What happened to stretchers? (331 comments)

This project seems ignorant of current first-response medical practice. The soldier in the rendering would choke, injure neck vertebra, and exacerbate internal injuries by the time the MediTeddy brought him to safety. If they are going to automate the recovery of wounded, they need to immobilize the patient. This looks like low-end science-fiction mashed-up with an old hollywood war-movie.

more than 6 years ago


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Fun with satellites

GregBryant GregBryant writes  |  more than 8 years ago

I know Google is trying to get the best maps & images possible. Last week they made their first world map, and yesterday they uploaded tons of detailed satellite imagery.

But they're a little hesitant to get into GIS, I believe. It's not the cost ... they're worried about appearing partisan. As long as they upload data that's good for advertisers, or for users, that's easy.

But let's say if they conflate forestry data with Google Maps, in a switchable GIS layer. People will be shocked about the levels of logging, and unhealthy forest ecosystems. Just releasing this uncontroversial data will have the Timber Industry publicists up in arms.

But that's ok. They'll get over it.

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