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200 Students Admit Cheating After Professor's Online Rant

Greg_D Re:Nothing new here (693 comments)

Yeah, because it's totally relevant to compare an introductory freshman level filler class full of information they either already know to the degree that they need to, or don't need to know at all, to an upper classman level business class for business majors.

more than 3 years ago

200 Students Admit Cheating After Professor's Online Rant

Greg_D Re:Anonymous Coward (693 comments)

Probability is not proof.

Proof is tautological... either you have it or you don't.

The professor knows people cheated because students have confessed that there has been cheating, but he can't prove that they cheated, even with statistical analysis.

No dean will flunk a student who he suspects MIGHT have been cheating. That's simply a lawsuit waiting to happen.

The problem here is with the professor. A 400 level class that has a freaking scan tron test? Just how lazy is this guy? If the students simply memorized the answers from the test bank, then they have fulfilled the objectives of the test, because a multiple choice test simply requires you to choose the correct answer from a list.

Know what kind of test you can't cheat on?

A test that requires you to answer the question and explain how you came about the answer.

more than 3 years ago

The Nuclear Bunker Where Wikileaks Will Be Located

Greg_D Re:Disappointed (187 comments)

Mostly to stroke Assange's incredibly oversized ego. Dude spends donated money like water under the pretense of necessary secrecy.

about 4 years ago

Whisky Made From Diabetics' Urine

Greg_D Re:Great! (226 comments)

Yeah, that ain't the case at all.

Drunks don't care if they're known as drunks unless you get in their face about it.

Drunks drink crap beer because crap beer is cheap beer. When they're not at the bar, they're drinking crap, so when they go to the bar, they go with what they know.

Crap beer is usually easier to drink. It's not overly hoppy or rich. You can consume buckets of the stuff and you won't feel full, you'll just feel like you need to take a piss.

about 4 years ago

Microsoft Unveils New Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

Greg_D Hey Microsoft, here's why your D-Pad sucks (150 comments)

It isn't because of the disc, it's because of the way that the d-pad acts when you play fighting games (which is about the only reason you'd actually need a revamped D-Pad in the first place). Why is it that every podunk Japanese fighting pad manufacturer out there can put out a pad which works fine with a game like Street Fighter, but you can't seem to get a handle on it? Look at ASCII's pads, figure out what they do, and replicate it. Problem solved.

about 4 years ago

Official Kanji Count Increasing Due To Electronics

Greg_D Re:No (284 comments)

In America, we play golf at tee time, you insensitive clod!

more than 4 years ago

Apple Surpasses Microsoft In Market Capitalization

Greg_D Whatever (557 comments)

Apple makes the vast majority of its money, not on the strength of its own products, but the easy availability of product through its iTunes and App Store.

The iPod and iPhone as platforms are nice, but as more and more people use their smartphone as their primary music device, this is going to shrink the market for devices like the iPod. Android phones are going to continue to make their presence felt in the mobile market, and it can't be long before Google decides to sell media for its devices as well, simply because Apple's profits can't be long ignored.

So, Apple will continue to be profitable, but at these levels? Doubtful.

more than 4 years ago

National Academy of Science Urges Carbon Tax

Greg_D Re:Grandfathered in (875 comments)

uhuh, of course, because all scientists are the same and completely interchangeable. You do realise that these are climate scientists, don't you? They don't have much knowledge of engineering, or the inner workings of various energy producers.

Then meteorologists must be magical creatures, since they employ satellite data and radar to forecast the weather. How'd the satellites get up there? They aren't rocket scientists, are they? How'd they figure out how to use doppler radar to determine where clouds are? They aren't physicists either. How'd the satellites and radar machinery get programmed? They aren't computer engineers, radio engineers, electrical enginers, or software developers, for crying out loud!

I think the magical word of the day is: "collaboration."

more than 4 years ago

HTML Web App Development Still Has a Ways To Go

Greg_D Wouldn't it be nice... (279 comments)

... to have a scripting language that worked equally well on the browser and on the server and wasn't a complete piece of shit like Javascript? One programming language, one presentation language, one style language.

I'm not trying to discount current solutions here, I'm just saying that there has to be a better way.

more than 4 years ago

Creating a Better Facebook

Greg_D Re:Social networks (295 comments)

Yeah, I have no idea what those Google guys were thinking. The market was clearly saturated with search engines at the time.

more than 4 years ago

Why Google Needs To Pull the Plug On Chrome OS

Greg_D Bullshit (266 comments)

Google makes money through advertisements. Their entire reason for trying to create a web based OS is not because they feel HTML + Javascript + CSS is a better way to go than the other languages. They're doing it because they want to hit you with ads from the second you turn on the computer to the second you power it down.

Check email? Ads.
Use spreadsheet? Ads.
Use photo editor? Ads.
Search local filesystem? Ads.
Play solitare? Ads.

Sure, they're willing to give away software for free. If giving it away means hosting it on their servers and reserving the right to take it away from you at any time while continuously deriving revenue from the software while you use it.

more than 4 years ago

Pope Rails Against the Internet and Transparency

Greg_D Heh (840 comments)

Moral relativism = more likely to encounter resistance to the idea that an invisible man in the sky sent his kid to be horribly murdered and then replaced by a long line of celibate geezers who cover up kid diddling.

more than 4 years ago

Cox Discontinues Usenet, Starting In June

Greg_D Re:Who cares? (306 comments)

Usenet has more monthly posts than digg, reddit, and slashdot combined, and that's without taking into account binary traffic and spam.

more than 4 years ago

Gears of War 3 Officially Confirmed For April 2011

Greg_D Keep it, Cliffy B (76 comments)

The reason that Gears of War was so popular for so long had nothing to do with the single player mode. The multiplayer was the shooter equivalent of a fighting game. It was wildly popular.

But they decided that since the multiplayer didn't fit their vision, that they'd create a completely FUBAR version complete with a screwed up lobby system where you could wait 10 minutes between matches with levels so large that it almost guaranteed that you'd end up playing hide and seek at the end of rounds while everyone else watched, and completely changed the dynamics of the weapons on multiplayer simply because lesser players were getting beaten soundly. They didn't even test the game enough to see that visitor side shotguns weren't even shooting at the target. Instead of competing for the top spot on the XBox Live charts, it's battling Hello Kitty Sings and Muppet Massacre and who knows what else.

When 3 versions of Call of Duty rank above your game in online play, you have a serious problem.

I played the hell out of Gears 1, couldn't stand Gears 2, and won't spend a single cent on Gears 3.

more than 4 years ago

James Lovelock Suggests Suspending Democracy To Save the World

Greg_D Re:Oh dear (865 comments)

Yeah, because the world's track record in pre-democratic eras was just SOOOOO innovative.

more than 4 years ago

NYC Drops $722M On CityTime Attendance System

Greg_D Re:Government Project Cost Overruns? (306 comments)

Well, here's the general difference:

People work for the government for 2 reasons: control and security. When a government agency doesn't spend its entire budget, the budget for the next year is probably going to be cut. A governmental manager would be pretty upset to see their budget cut because it's going to be harder for them to get things done in their little fiefdom, not to mention harm their expense account. A government, for that reason, will spend every dime it has, even if there's no good reason to do so.

Companies, on the other hand, are there to make a profit. It's a negative for a company to spend all it has. And while you can point out a few companies here and there which have gone into the red, the majority of them do not survive doing so for long, and they certainly don't do it purposefully.

Pretty much the only governments which can possibly operate in the black are governments ruled by dictators or monarchs, because they have no need to answer to the people.

more than 4 years ago

NYC Drops $722M On CityTime Attendance System

Greg_D So the project manager is making $300 an hour? (306 comments)

That's not really THAT outlandish for an ERP system, but it most certainly is for a PM. Normally your $250 and up guys are the ones with specialized abilities in certain fields that require a mix of technical and functional understanding. When I was a recruiter, I once placed a consultant on a treasury project for a large agricultural company at a pay rate of $350 an hour, and his bill rate was over $500 an hour.

And that was AFTER the whole IT boom. I know an SAP Human Resources consultant whose bill rate was over $1300 an hour during that period.

more than 4 years ago

Disputed Island Disappears Into Sea

Greg_D "Always attribute to global warming... (460 comments)

... what can easily be dismissed as an otherwise natural process, like plate tectonics. That's how you get PAID, my Ivy League brothas!" -- Al Gore

more than 4 years ago

Open Source Is Not a Democracy

Greg_D Re:-1 Troll (641 comments)

That's like saying that someone isn't holding you down if you can still wiggle your toes.

more than 4 years ago



Best setup for a cheap, quiet, cool file server?

Greg_D Greg_D writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Greg_D (138979) writes "I have mostly sworn off building my own computer systems over the years because I feel I generally have had trouble with them running at a cool temperature. Not that they would overheat, just that they tend to pump out so much heat that it typically warms my office where I keep a television and a game console to the point where it gets unbearable in the summer time. I am looking for a setup for a system that is relatively cheap, low power consumption, low heat production, and the ability to handle multiple terrabytes of RAID storage to be hooked up to a router for my personal file server. Graphic are not especially important, although it would be nice to be able to run a video out to the television to watch online or downloaded media, and perhaps with the possibility of installing a blue-ray player once they come down in price. This isn't really a media center PC in the sense that I don't really care about recording any video, but I might want to play Netflix shows on the box. Can I invest in an Atom processor and onboard graphics, or do I need something a bit more substantial?"


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